2021 DPC China Regional League standings – updated 3/5/2021

It’s time to take a look at where the teams stand in the 2021 DPC China Regional League. Things are still very much up in the air with many teams within a game or two of each other in both the upper and lower divisions. While things are looking close, there are still a few teams that are standing out or below the rest.

The teams that seem mostly out of it are LBZS and Dynasty as the two squads currently sit at 0-6 in their respective divisions. At the top of the boards we have Invictus (6-0), ViCi Gaming (4-1), and Team Aster (4-1) in the upper division while Sparking Arrow Gaming holds the top spot in the lower division at 5-1 followed by Royal Never Give Up (4-1) CDEC Gaming (4-1), and Phoenix Gaming (4-1), atop the lower division standings respectively.

Many of the recent matches pinned the top of the board against the bottom of the standings which led to a limited number of moves in the standings. Only Sparking took a move to the top, which in turn shifted CDEC, and Phoenix down while Royal Never Give Up moved from third to second.

With the top two teams from the lower division receiving a bump up to the upper division, the pressure is on for one of the teams to separate from the back in an upward trajectory.

In terms of the upper division, the lineups are fighting for DPC points and a spot in the next Dota 2 Major. Once again the top two teams are guaranteed a spot in the event with the first place finisher going straight to the playoffs and the second heading to the group stage. The third and fourth-place squads aren’t completely out of contention, however, and will be invited to a last chance wild card event.

The bottom two teams in the upper division will make room for the previously mentioned lower division top two as the teams swap places.

Who are your picks for the region? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

You can find the full standings below:

Upper Division

RankTeam nameSeriesGames
1Invictus Gaming6-012-3
2Vici Gaming4-18-2
3Team Aster4-18-3
7Team MagMa1-42-8

Lower Division

RankTeam nameSeriesGames
1Sparking Arrow Gaming5-110-3
2Royal Never Give Up4-18-2
3CDEC Gaming4-19-3
4Phoenix Gaming4-18-4
5Dalanjing Gaming2-36-7
7Xtreme Gaming1-54-1

Photo: Perfect World

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