A new bug aggressively demotes players' rank and Riot Games keep struggling

Since the official release of the ranked games in VALORANT last June, the game has presented many problems with this mode, and Riot Games keep struggling to fix them without new bugs appearing.

Actually, Character design lead for VALORANT “Riot Morello” confessed last week in one of his weekly broadcasts that, currently, there is no one in charge of the ranked games in Riot Games. No one is leading this part of the project and this is a huge problem that leads to bugs like the one we are talking about.

According to Morello, the person who was in charge of ranked games left the company a few weeks ago, and still, there isn’t anyone to replace him, so the Development Team is dealing with it for now, but obviously they cannot manage it all by themselves.

Today, a new bug has been discovered. A bug that is causing the system to make players drop out of range much more aggressively than normal.

We’re aware of some issues with the ranked system aggressively demoting players and are actively fixing. These demotions won’t last long-term, only the displayed rank should be impacted, winning a game will put players back in the correct rank again.

— VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) July 20, 2020


With this tweet, Riot Games tried to calm everybody. Actually, only a few players have been affected by this bug, but this is still evidence of the lack of leadership that ranked games have in VALORANT.

This is not the only problem that the shooter has with ranked games. Both professional and “normal” players keep complaining a lot about the system, about how hard is to move up in ranks, and many more issues.

It looks like this bug won’t be a big deal, but it is necessary and very urgent that Riot Games fix their situation in this area. The game is demanding a lot of dedication and it should have it if they want VALORANT to be a proper competitive game.

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