Anonymous Mode and Guild quest tracker added in the latest Dota 2 update

The recent ongoing talk in the Dota 2 community about the in-game toxicity triggered the implementation of two new tools aimed to improve the quality of life when playing against humans.

Players can now choose to play with the Anonymous Mode on, which, in essence, is an upgraded “mute all chat” tool. While playing using the mode, players won’t be able to see any chat messages (allies and foes included and they won’t see the players’ name nor the avatars.) The Anonymous Mode, however, allows the players to see all the above if they are friends with any other player in the game.  The mode is available for all Dota 2 players, regardless of owning a TI10 Battle Pass or not.

Anonymous Mode is also preventing players to see any incoming guild invites. This is good news especially for streamers who can easily get their channels banned when receiving invites from guilds that have inappropriate guild banner images or that have racial slurs included in the guild name.

The second tool is designed exclusively for the Battle Pass owners as it adds on the top left of the screen a Guild quest tracker which is especially helpful for those who are in guilds of level 3 or higher and are able to work toward completion of more than one guild contract during a game. 

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