Apex’s Mix Tape gun charm available now with Twitch Prime

“Which side would you listen to first: Sick Beats or Dark Side?”

It’s time to bring the 1980s to Kings Canyon.

Respawn and Twitch Prime have partnered up to offer more Apex Legends loot, releasing the Mix Tape gun charm today. Fans have between now and Aug. 27 to get their hands on the cassette tape.

Fans with Amazon Prime memberships are automatically entitled to all the Twitch Prime perks, including the Mix Tape gun charm. To unlock the retro buddy, Apex fans need to link their EA account with Twitch Prime. 

Then, simply visit Twitch Prime’s Apex page and hit claim now. Your new gun buddy will be available as soon as you log back into the battle royale.

The Mix Tape gun charm has an A-side titled “sick beats” and a B-side with the words “dark side” written on it. It’s unclear if the charm will have a special interaction in-game.

Twitch and Respawn offered fans some more Prime loot last week. Apex fans were able to snag the Swimming Buddy Pathfinder skin, which gives the lovable robot some Baywatch vibes. Players will have until Aug. 24 to pick up the robotic scout’s summer skin.

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