Aura PH MLBB talk new organization, back-to-back championships, and more [Interview]

VPEsports had the chance to talk with Aura PH, the former Sunsparks lineup, following their victory in the MPL Champion Invitational. The back-to-back MPL-PH Season 4 & 5 victors recently joined the Indonesian organization and are looking to make it a three-peat in their region.

In this interview the Aura roster talks about the organization swap, their MPL Champion Invitational run, their competition, and more.

VPEsports: Now that you’ve joined Aura PH, how are you liking it there? Any big differences thus far between Sunsparks and where you are now?

Rafflesia: Its actually a big step for us, taking on a new team name is a challenge to prove our strength. There’s no difference I think, because we are still the same players and we may have won the mpls5 championship but we’re not done yet.
Kielvj: Super like it, more comfortable aura than sunsparks.
Killuash: Super like it. I love the bootcamp, its more exciting to practice and grind.
Renzio: Super happy. Because all we want is a big sponsor. Im staying with my dream now.
Jaypee: The amount of support is the same since we are new with AURA. But we want to take this as a challenge that we want to prove that AURA Esports is worth supporting us and representing their name as for MPL PH S6 Team.
Greed: I am happy to be still working with the same teammates and coach. So far, there’s not much difference from our previous sponsor; we are getting the same amount of support and trust from the management. Maybe the difference is that we are yet to prove to AURA PH that we are worth picking up.

VPEsports: Is there any added pressure to impress or show Aura the lineup was worth the pick up?

Rafflesia: I think this coming mpls6 is the biggest challenge we will face, having a back to back championship and a new sponsor means we need to work harder.
Kielvj: No pressure, more excitement.
Renzio: Yes very worth it. We have a same goal and dream.
Jaypee: We are a little bit pressured because AURA is a big Indonesian Team and also we are also the back to back champion and now, we need to defend the title using the AURA PH banner.
Greed: Aura is one of the well-known and successful esports teams in Indonesia and to be its pioneering team in the Philippines is a bit of a pressure. But we take it as a challenge and motivation to do better. We’d like to show them why we became the back-to-back MPL champions.

VPEsports: As the only back-to-back MPL-PH champions, does the roster have any fear of becoming complacent? Maybe a bit too cocky?

Rafflesia: We may have won back to back, but we’re still the same people who worked hard. Our attitude matters the most, we just play and enjoy the game.
Killuash: Yes, but I trust my teammates especially myself to be back to back to back champ.
Renzio: No because, We conquer our fear.
Jaypee: No, we are more motivated even if we achieved the back to back championship title.
Greed: I would not call it “complacent” and “being cocky” because there is still so much that we want to achieve as a team- like getting an international title. So at this point, we are still very motivated.

VPEsports: While many of the players were retired or have moved into coaching roles, etc. – how did it feel to play and beat the previous MPL-PH champion lineups?

Rafflesia: It was actually fun to reunite with our previous teammates, we may have won the tournament, but its actually a reunion for us not a battle. We just enjoy and have fun.
Kielvj: Happy and overwhelming because we play with them and still win.
Renzio: So happy because we proved that we are better and stronger than previous mpl champions.
Jaypee: I’m happy because we are the dominating teams now in the Philippines.
Greed: It was really my dream to be in the pro-scene. I only watched and idolized these teams before, and now that I get to play and even beat them is a very humbling experience

VPEsports: Is there a team that you guys seem to struggle against the most? Why do you think that is?

Rafflesia: We struggle in every team, we always focus on their weaknesses. Some team may be the lowest ranking on the MPL but a tournament is a tournament, once we face them we give it all we got.
Renzio: Execretion. I think the way they think and strategize.
Jaypee: I think it was the COVID Outbreak, we need to play in our own homes and we are having a problem with our communication since we are not together.
Greed: Every team has their own strengths and weaknesses that we have to study to be able to counter and take advantage of. But for me, it was Onic PH that I enjoyed playing with the most because every game with them was intense and competitive.

VPEsports: Are there any major things you have noticed from Season 5 that the team as a whole of individually can improve upon?

Rafflesia: In every tournament that we join, we actually have an initiative to improve oneself. By improving oneself, our knowledge on the game as a team improves.
Renzio: Increase the prize pool, any event for mpl teams.
Jaypee: I think our team communication because we are having some errors because of the miscommunication.
Greed: I think we just need to continue being motivated individually and keep being respectful to each other, because those are what make our team’s chemistry stronger. We are all sharing the same passion.

VPEsports: How much does playing from home differ from competing at a live event for you guys as a team?

Rafflesia: I think we missed the crowd. The cheering of the crowd actually hypes all the players, we enjoy hearing those cheers.
Kielvj: No difference, still nervous HAHAHA.
Killuash: Almost the same.
Renzio: Good and nice. Because we practice online even we are not together we made it to top 2 in regular season.
Jaypee: The difference is when your playing at home we are more relaxed and when we are playing at the live stage it’s more pressured and exciting at the same time.
Greed: There surely is more pressure in competing at a live event than at home or bootcamp because you’ll hear all the cheers of the crowd. That can be an advantage because that can make you even more determined to win.

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