Beyond the Summit to stop collaborating with DeMoN after sexual harassment allegations

Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho, Dota 2 professional player and most recently coach for Business Associates, has been named over the past couple of days for sexual harassment towards women working in esports.

Most recently, DeMoN was accused of luring a Twitch representative and event host into a private, “small, fairly dark, and secluded” room asking to talk some business related stuff, “a twitch contract or some such” as the person recalls it, when his intentions were in fact different.

“He had me enter this area with him, put his right arm on the door holding it closed, and told me to kiss him. When I dismissed it as usual and went to open the door to leave, he shoved the door back closed and pleaded again for me to kiss him. I think he even grabbed my arm with his other hand to keep me from leaving immediately,” the events are narrated by a person named Eleine.

Another woman, who wanted to stay anonymous, has reported similar incidents.  

“In 2014 I was doing a lot of things in esport. Jimmy was a guest at a Dota 2 LAN that I also attended. At the end of one day he asked me to help him in another room. I didn’t realize that being alone in a room with him would be a problem, then he started to casually touch me. It quickly escalated. At first I told him to “stop moving” then “stop touching me” and it was like he didn’t hear me at all. He went so far as to grab my underwear,” is one of the other stories, shared via Ken “Hot_Bid” Chen, Beyond the Summit producer, who helped the accuser to keep her identity concealed for protection.

In the light of the recent allegations, Beyond the Summit co-owner, David “LD” Gorman announced that his company will not hire DeMoN in a caster/analyst capacity to any future BTS events.

Earlier this week, DeMoN was present on the BTS broadcast, however, Hot_Bid mentioned that the broadcast took place before any sort of allegations were made against DeMoN. 

“I helped investigate and release a second account against him today. I can assure you since I work at BTS he won’t be casting here again,” said Hot_Bid regarding DeMoN’s presence at  Beyond the Summit tournaments. 

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