Chess24 and Play Magnus Group Launch $1.5M Champions Chess Tour

Chess Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen’s Play Magnus Group has teamed up with digital chess platform chess24 to launch the Champions Chess Tour – a ten-tournament competition series with a total prize pool of $1.5M USD. The event will kick off later this month and conclude in September 2021.

Carlsen previously hosted a chess tour in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown back in April. This new tour serves as the next stage of that competition.

Each event within the Champions Chess Tour will run for nine days with individual tournament prize pools ranging from $100K to $300K for the grand final.

The first event will be the 16-player Skilling Open held Nov. 22-30. As the name implies, it will be sponsored by Nordic trading platform Skilling as part of a 12-month partnership with Play Magnus Group.