Clozer subs Faker for the first time and destroys KT Rolster

Korean legendary team T1 are not having their best Summer Split this year and today’s series against KT Rolster was very important for them to further ensure their qualification for the Playoffs.

But today was a special day for T1. For the first time, their young rookie Lee “Clozer” Ju-Hyeon was signed in the main roster to play the games in substitution of the mid-lane-legend Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok.

2020 LCK SUMMER Match 61 vs @KTRolster_tw

Starting roster for tonight.
Canna – Cuzz – Clozer – Teddy – Effort#T1WIN #T1Fighting

— T1 LoL (@T1LoL) July 31, 2020

Despite Clozer has been Faker’s sub for a while now, it is really important to notice that the Korean mid-laner was born in 2003, and currently, he is only 17 years old.

Today, Clozer has finally made his debut in the LCK, and has proven the reasons why he is now called “the new Faker“. He showed a consistent performance in both games and was essential for his team’s victory.

First Game:

Clozer chose Zoe for his very first match in LCK, to face Kuro’s Orianna, and he only needed six minutes to show us his potential. Right after a bloody fight in the bot lane where T1 was being slaughtered, the rookie player rotated from the mid lane and got a clean triple kill that allowed his team to keep the score even and also proved everyone how good this guy’s mechanics are.

T1 struggled to take advantage, but in the meantime, Clozer played solidly and threw very useful abilities and spells that slowly led his team to the first victory of the day. He was the main character of a new team fight at minute 25, from which T1 finally took the advantage that they needed to set everything for the win.

The first game ended quickly after that, and Clozer finished his first match as main mid laner for T1 with a personal score of 5/0/4. Plus, he was chosen as the MVP of the game.

2020 LCK SUMMER Match 61 – Game 01 vs KT

데뷔전과 함께 최연소 POG까지!
“Clozer” 이주현 선수가 그 주인공입니다.

We are proud to present the greatest Rookie ever – Clozer!#T1WIN #T1Fighting

— T1 LoL (@T1LoL) July 31, 2020

Second Game

For the second game, this time being on the red side, Clozer picked Akali and starred in a great new performance despite his matchup (against Azir this time) was a bit more difficult to handle.

The young player quickly took advantage in his lane, and despite he had some “rookie mistakes” as miss-positioning in some plays, Clozer kept being consistent and snowballed for the late game.

Once there, Teddy’s Aphelios joined forces with him and both together drove the team to the second victory of the day, in a game where KT Rolster managed to be a little bit ahead in the general scores.

It happened from the minute 29. From that moment, Clozer and his teammates got some kills thanks to excellent rotations and well-performed fights. They also stole the Baron Nashor, in a play where our rookie got even more fed.

With the buff of the Nashor, T1 opened KT Rolster’s base and finally won the game with Clozer being 8/2/0 this time.

The total score for Clozer first series in LCK was 13/2/4, an amazing start for a young player that many people think will soon be a League of Legends Super Star.

With this victory, T1 qualifies 4th in the Korean tournament with 8 victories and 4 defeats in the seventh week. Will we see Clozer playing with the main roster again this season? We really hope so.

Clozer was born in 2003

When Faker debuted professionally in 2013, he was 9 years old

— The Esports Writer (@FionnOnFire) July 31, 2020

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