CS:GO port to Source 2 "not happening" according to Valve News Network owner

After months of anticipation from fans, it seems the long awaited port of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Source 2 is not happening. This information comes from Tyler McVicker, the owner of Valve News Network, who is known for having a history of legitimacy to his leaks and details.

While it’s been rumored that Source 2 was coming for years basically, it wasn’t until some more leaks and information arrived in the last 6 months to a year that people got really intrigued. Several insides started to say it was nearing release and even McVicker himself stated May 18th would be the day we moved forward into Source 2.

This has taken a drastic turn, however, with him now saying the port to Source 2 “is not happening.”

“They have a build…they’ve had a build for like two years,” McVicker said. “It’s not that they can’t port the game…they can’t port the community content.”

According to McVicker, “there was a meeting and they made a decision” which was based on the project being “too much work.” The work it seems comes from not having a way to bring over the plethora of community created content to the new system which would leave the game in a relatively bare state on the new engine and perhaps even mean the end of some community content as the creators may have moved on.

“They have no means of allowing the massive backlog of community created CS:GO content to be easily played and ported. If they ever figure that out, then it will happen. But as of now…not happening.”

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