Dendi comments on the in-game toxicity: “You either remove matchmaking or make Dota less demanding”

In a recent podcast hosted on the B8 YouTube channel, Dota 2 legendary player, with more than a decade dedicated to the competitive scene, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin expressed his thoughts on what could be done to reduce the toxicity in public matchmaking.

Dendi pointed out that it’s in the nature of the game to make the players tilt rather easily and that leads to them bursting out, flaming on a teammate that made a poor play. “Those who play a lot are more exposed to this, it’s almost inevitable [to flame someone],” he explained. “If you play 10-12 games per day, it’s like a chain reaction,” he added.

The root of the problem Dendi says, is the fact that Dota is a “crazy team game” and the fact that most of the players grind their MMR solo, greatly affects their state of mind. “You have to play alone a game that requires teamwork and obviously, if something doesn’t work out you will inevitably end up flaming.”

Dendi sees as a possible solution to lower the toxicity level to “either remove the matchmaking or make Dota less demanding.” He also stated that a league system for the high and very high ranked players would be more than welcomed. “For the casual players, Dota is a way to entertain themselves, to relax,” Dendi says, while for those that are in the top 200 or 100, the stakes are higher. “Let them play in a closed league where they can serve like draft players or something like that,” he explained.

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