Dota 2 patch 7.27b brings changes to more than a hundred heroes

The first phase of Dota 2 patch 7.27 brought with it general changes and changes to items. Now that some time has passed and the community has had time to settle in to the changes, Valve has dropped a huge new patch in the form of patch 7.27b, which has changes to over a hundred heroes! The entire patch can be found here.

The patch also features a small amount of changes to items. With the many item changes from the initial part of the patch showing their effect, these changes will bring some balance to the items.

Two item changes stand out here: Echo Sabre and Hand of Midas. Echo Sabre can now be disassembled, which is a huge boost for heroes like Slark, who can go for an early Echo Sabre and as the game goes late, dissassemble it to make a Black King Bar (anyone still make those?!) and Orchid Malevolance. As for Hand of Midas, the item is a forgotten one for now, but with the increase in XP from 185% to 210% in patch 7.27 and the reduction in cost, it may just see an increase in popularity again.

The game is about to see a lot of changes, especially in terms of the heroes which are popular in professional games. The drafting just got changed from 4/1/1 for bans to 2/3/2. That coupled with the new set of heroes which will rise is bound to make upcoming tournaments really intriguing. While the changelog for heroes is quite long, VPEsports will come bring you a guide on which heroes turned out the winners and which ones the losers in Dota 2 patch 7.27b.

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