Doublelift, PowerOfEvil, and Blaber lead LCS in kills through 5 weeks of Summer Split

There’s a good mix of roles at the top of the kill leaderboard.

We’ve reached the halfway mark of the 2020 LCS Summer Split. The competition has been heating up considerably as teams jockey for playoff spots. And NA’s kill leaderboard features plenty of familiar faces in the top three positions.

TSM’s star AD carry Doublelift and FlyQuest’s talented mid laner PowerOfEvil are both tied for the No. 1 spot in the league with 47 kills each. Cloud9’s Blaber is too far behind, however, with 46 kills to his name.

It isn’t surprising to see Doublelift or PowerOfEvil in the top three for kills, though. Both players have been essential pieces of their past rosters, providing plenty of kill potential and teamfight power that’s enabled them to reach high kill counts.

Doublelift, in particular, seems to be excelling individually after having one of the worst seasons of his career last split. TSM suffered their first 0-2 week at the hands of C9 and Immortals this weekend, but they’re still sitting in third place with a 6-4 record.

PowerOfEvil, on the other hand, is trying to replicate his 2020 Spring Split performance where he was a strong MVP candidate. His efforts helped push FlyQuest to their first LCS Finals appearance against C9. He also finished with the third-most kills in the league last split.

Meanwhile, Blaber is still playing like an MVP after helping C9 take over the LCS last season. He’s the only jungler in the top 10 for kills and he also has the highest damage numbers of any jungler in the league. The 20-year-old phenom has adjusted his playstyle so that he can stay aggressive and precise, no matter what kind of situation he finds himself in.

You can catch all three of these superstars in action when the 2020 LCS Summer Split continues on Friday, July 17.

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