Helm of the Dominator nerfed with the 7.27a patch

A patch so small that it fits into Twitter’s 280 characters limit nerfs Helm of the Dominator and makes Monkey King Bar a bit more expensive.

7.27.a was released a week after the big 7.27 update overhaul and it targets one of the items that was on the way to becoming the star of the new patch, Helm of the Dominator.

With Necronomicon nerfed in the 7.27, which marked the end of the “Zoo Meta”, Helm of the Dominator, although drastically changed as well, was one of the most popular items over the last week. The item lost its aura effect and it became a strong buff for the controlled creep only. The dominated creep got a +40 Base Damage, +12 HP regen and +4 mana regen buff after the 7.27 gameplay update and given the item’s relatively low cost, it was a strong option for any carry hero that wants to push towers early or farm the jungle more effectively.

A week into the 7.27 patch, Helm of the Dominator +40 base damage for the controlled creep was reduced to half the value and the item’s recipe cost increased from 725 gold to 975 gold.

In the same 7.27a update, Valve has also increased the Monkey King Bar cost by adding a 350 gold recipe to the item components.

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