Korea Leads Riot’s Official Leagues — Weekly Twitch Top 10s, Feb. 1-7

The phrase “dead game” gets thrown around by gamers frequently, and often erroneously, as proven by the reappearance of multiple so-called “dead games” on this week’s Top 10. It is also the second week in a row that a Pokémon unboxing channel has retained the second place spot.

Twitch’s Top Channel – xQc

The 2021 esports season is in full swing with most top titles seeing regular competition each week, and streams from multiple different games appearing in the Top 10. All four major League of Legends leagues are now into their regular season, but Korea’s LCK is the only one to consistently appear in the weekly rankings, this week generating nearly 2M hours watched on its main channel. Last week the league posted similar numbers, reaching 1.88M hours watched.

Also of note, this is the second week in a row that Maximilian “Trymacs” Alexander Curt Stemmler has obtained second place. Stemmler’s channel is best known for opening packs of Pokémon cards, a trend that exploded on YouTube last year and is steadily making its way onto Twitch.

Twitch’s Top Content – Just Chatting

Once again the Pokémon card opening trend helps Just Chatting exceed 60M hours watched, continuing its dominance as the king of Twitch content. Grand Theft Auto V also saw a significant spike in viewership this week thanks to multiple popular streamers committing meaningful time to the title. 25.51M hours watched helped the game overtake Fortnite for the third-place spot.

It also appears that the Rust trend is not yet fully dead and buried, with the title returning to the Top 10 this week in eighth place with 16.34M hours watched. Also seemingly resurrected for the moment is a game many may forget is still quite popular: Apex Legends. The EA title just barely squeaked into the Top 10, but its position highlights an important point — plenty of games that are not regularly seen in the weekly top rankings are still performing quite well financially. Apex Legends contributed to a record live services revenue quarter for EA, according to the company’s recent third-quarter report, with revenue in the category up 27% year-over-year, reaching nearly $1B USD.

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