Natus Vincere's OMEGA League: EU Divine Division run ended by Cyber Legacy

OMEGA League’s Divine Division saw an elimination series
today which would feature both Natus Vincere and Cyber Legacy fighting to remain
in the event and secure a series against Ninjas in Pyjamas tomorrow.

After Na’Vi were knocked down from the OMEGA League: Europe
Immortal Division, they found themselves in the upper bracket of the Divine
Division, but that did not last long as 5men, another challenger from the
Immortal bracket, knocked them down. The struggling CIS squad would now need to
fight against a team filled with some of their previous players, Cyber Legacy,
as the two teams were hoping to survive each other’s onslaughts in the lower

Right off the bat is was Na’Vi who were favoured and who took
complete control of the map in game one, running rings around CL and destroying
them at every turn. It took nearly 15-minutes for CL to even find their first kill
and Na’Vi built up to a net worth lead of over 16,000 at one point too.
However, as the game progressed, even with their lead, Na’Vi managed to crumble
and CL took complete advantage of this – turning the game on its head and claiming
a massive turn-around victory.

Game two seemed to start off well for Na’Vi again, but
something seemed extremely wrong with the team’s movements and calls as their
poor positioning would end up losing them the series. Cyber Legacy were, once
again, more than happy to take advantage of their opponent’s errors as they
forced the GG call in a little over half an hour, securing a 2-0 victory.

For Na’Vi, they will definitely need to take a step back and
look at their team’s issues as their recent form has been severely lacking. Cyber
Legacy, on the other hand, will move forward at OMEGA League: EU Divine Division,
with a guaranteed top four finish and a series against NiP tomorrow which could
see them move into the top three.

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