New CoD Warzone Update Further Nerfs DMR, Type 63 and Mac-10

Raven Software recently revealed some more nerfs to the Warzone meta, here’s everything you need to know.

Since the integration of Cold War weapons into Warzone, they have been dominating the meta. With the DMR becoming the main weapon for most players, some have even gone as far as to leave the game for now due to the unbalanced nature of it. However, Raven Software recently tweeted patch notes showing further nerfs to these weapons, but deleted it shortly afterward. While this may just mean that the update will be going live later today, or possibly on Thursday after last week’s announcement of moving the game updates. Here’s what they said.

Firstly, they nerfed both the DMR 14 and Type 63.

DMR 14

  • Bullet penetration reduced from sniper to AR
  • Damage falloff ranges decreased
    • 55 damage before / 48 damage after 750 units (down 70% from 2500 units)
    • Recoil increased
      • Increased moderately for second and third bullet
      • Increased slightly for subsequent bullets
      • Locational damage multipliers adjusted
        • Headshot now does less than 100 damage after 750 units
        • Lower torso reduced from 1.1 to 1.01 (~8%)

        Type 63

        • Bullet penetration reduced from sniper to AR
        • Damage falloff ranges decreased
          • 60 damage before / 45 damage after 900 units (down 55% from 2000 units)

          Along with the damage nerfs, the DMR 14 and Type 63 both received nerfs to the effectiveness of recoil attachments.

          While the Mac-10 didn’t receive any further nerfs, its Gallantry Blueprint returned to match the damage values of the standard Mac-1, no longer making it pay to win.

          It was also reported that the Infinite Stim glitch has been fixed, meaning the upcoming Warzone tournaments may be safe after all.

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