Ninja moves to YouTube Gaming for live stream – but is it official?

After it was seemingly leaked yesterday, it seems Tyler “Ninja” Blevins will be making the move to YouTube – but it may not be his exclusive home yet. The gaming superstar tweeted “One hour” earlier today after it was expected that he would be making the announcement this week thanks to a tweet from his wife Jessica Blevins.

30 minutes after the one hour tweet, however, he’s already linked a premiere titled “NINJA LIVE ON YOUTUBE-FORTNITE WITH TIMTHETATMAN, COURAGE, DRLUPO.” This is one of the main squads Ninja ran with during his prime days on Twitch before making the swap to Mixer last year.

While it could have been a bit of a trick being played by Ninja, it seems now that’s unlikely as the official YouTube Gaming twitter account has also retweeted the premiere. This doesn’t mean any deal has been signed, however, as Ninja is certainly free to stream on YouTube or Twitch right now without having to sign a contract.

This was reported by Rod “Slasher” Breslau in a tweet.

Both Ninja and Michael “shroud” Grzesiek had signed to Mixer during 2019 with contracts for an undisclosed sum expected to be handed out across two to three years. With the announcement last month that Mixer was shutting down, however, it put the two back on the market (and PAID).

Ninja’s account on YouTube already has 23.8 million subscribers and should already prop his numbers up higher than those he had on Mixer which saw him oftentimes averaging around the 10,000 mark or lower.

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