Oi Sponsors First Strike and Other Riot Games’ Initiatives in Brazil

Riot Games announced Thursday that Brazillian telecommunications company Oi is sponsoring the First Strike Valorant tournament in Brazil, the League of Legends (LoL) World Championship 2020 finals, and the Prêmio CBLoL, a ceremony honoring the best players of the Brazilian Championship of League of Legends (CBLoL). Oi will also appear as one of the supporters of the All Stars, an event that reunites the best players from the competitive 2020 LoL scene for an exhibition tournament.

Oi was also recently confirmed as the master sponsor of the Prêmio Esports Brasil 2020 for the third consecutive year, another awards ceremony for the local esports scene. In April, the company’s Manager of Sponsorships and Events Bruno Cremona told The Esports Observer that it is paying attention to the esports audience, but had not yet revealed what the company’s next steps would be.

The company will be promoting its product Oi Fibra at the events, and Riot Games expects to have a long-term relationship with the new sponsor. It is relevant to point out that  Riot recently announced the approved teams for the CBLoL franchise and Vivo Keyd, which carries an Oi competitor’s brand in its name, was not one of them. The Esports Observer asked Riot about this subject but was not answered by the publication of this article.

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