Patch 1.5 full notes – balance, adjustments, and a new mode: Labs.

The Season of Fortune in Legends of Runeterra has a new version with Patch 1.5, that contains a couple of balance changes, card updates, card adjustments, and a new mode: Labs.

Dev Notes: Balance in 1.5 and beyond

Riot Games have admitted that some of the changes that this new version brings were originally slated for Patch 1.6, but they saw an opportunity to do it sooner and they took it so they can develop more flexibility around when and how to update cards.

Starting in August, we will have new cards every two months, Riot says, so they need to work and think about how they will approach balance from that moment.

For now, they are working on some updates that include:

  • Adjustments to some of Heimerdinger’s associated cards (his bots).
  • Reworking discard units to increase their satisfaction and usability.
  • Adjustments to direct Nexus damage on cheap Noxus units.

Card Updates

Pilfered Goods: “While Nab creates variety, tests adaptability, and is a core component to several Bilgewater decks, it can also be frustrating when players are seeing it all the time due to its power level”.

That is why Pilfered Goods will increase its cost from 2 to 3. Riot Games want Nab to be a bit less of a top competitive mechanic for Bilgewater since it seems to be too common right now.

Solitary Monk: according to Riot, “Solitary Monk’s base stats and keywords are the strongest in the game, with an appropriately interesting “drawback” to craft your deck around”.

That is why this card will have its power reduced from 4 to 3 with this new Patch.

New Mode: Labs

?️Labs are tomorrow! ?️

Read the whole patch notes here ???

— Legends of Runeterra (@PlayRuneterra) July 7, 2020

With the last version, we got a new mode in Legends of Runeterra: Gauntlets. Now, with Patch 1.5, we are introduced to Labs, “a more experimental take on game modes in LoR”.

According to the official notes, “Labs are all about variety, experimentation, and maybe a little chaos”. We will be able to try this new mode with friends since friend challenge now offers a choice between a standard match and the current Lab.

There will be different kinds of Labs. The first of them is called A.R.A.M., “is available with Patch 1.5 and features unexpected champion matchups and unpredictable outcomes”. Rather than building a deck, we will have to make choices from a random selection of champions when the game starts.

The champions we choose will start in our hand and generate a deck for us to pilot against our opponent’s equally random creation, so yes, chaos is guaranteed.

After this Patch 1.5, every new version of LoR will include a new or updated Lab to replace the previous one.

With its release, the new Patch will also bring card text clarity, expeditions archetypes, bugfixes, and many other things that you can check here.

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