Patch 10.14 Preview: necessary nerfs and buffs coming soon

One more week, Riot Games Lead Game Designer Mark Yetter brings us a short preview of the next version of League of Legends.

Patch 10.14 will bring changes to many champions, a lot of new skins and some other adjustments:


Two systems will be buffed with the next version. Ghost will increase the Movement Speed from 20-40 to 24-48% and Predator will also be better, but we still don’t know the details about its buff.

Nerfed Champs

The first name we see in the nerf list is Volibear. A nerf in the monster-bear damage is more than necessary since its release last May 2020.

Despite we are living in times of Ezreal, Aphelios, and Kalista as absolute kings of the bot lane in Competitive games, only one of them is going to be nerfed in the next Patch: Ezreal, whose combo with supports like Yuumi is still insanely good and effective.

Although he is not as popular right now as he used to be, Varus will also be nerfed with the next Patch. It can be both his late-game damage or attack speed, or a completely different thing (like the range of any ability), we still have no details.

There will also be a nerf to Pyke mid since we know for a while Riot Games’ intentions of making him an only-support champ (and that is what we can see in the buffs below).

Wukong is currently a nightmare in every League of Legends game. Since its rework, ‘The Monkey King’ is very strong and an amazing flex-pick for Competitive games, being played even as support. Do Riot Games also want to stick this champion to a concrete roll?

A similar situation appears when we talk about the last of the nerf list: Trundle. A very strong flex-pick very used lately by pro-players in their official matches too.

Buffed Champs

As we saw in the nerf list, Riot wants Pyke to be a support champion unable to press lanes by himself and carry the game without an AD Carry collaboration. That is why we already know some numbers about this buff:

  • Pyke’s Magic Resistance will decrease from 1,5 to 1,25.
  • ‘Q’ mana cost will be lower in the early game, but higher in the late game, changing from 70 to 55-75.
  • ‘Q’ will also be faster to cast. Its cooldown will be reduced from 12-8 to 10-8.
  • ‘Q’ damage will increase too, from 75-275 to 85-285-

Lately, there has been a lot of talking about Karthus‘ mechanical changes and new features on PBE, where Riot Games is testing several champions to be changed.

For now, next Patch 10.14 will bring these buffs to him:

  • Health will increase from 528 to 550.
  • Movement Speed will also be higher, from 325 to 335.
  • ‘Q’ Damage receives an important buff, coming from 45-125 (+30% AP), it will deal 50-130 (+35% AP).
  • ‘Q’ Damage to monsters will, nevertheless, decrease from 100% to 80%, probably due to Riot’s intentions to bring this champ back to the mid lane.
  • ‘E’ mana will always restore, instead of being restored only when the spell is toggled off.
  • ‘E’ Tick rate will increase a lot, from 1 per second to 4, whilst the Damage Per Second remains unchanged.

Two junglers will be buffed with next Patch 10.14: Sejuani and Kha’Zix, both pretty forgotten lately due to the very flexible meta we are currently on, where we can use almost every champ as jungler.

Zed will also receive a buff, although we still don’t know any details, and the same thing happens with Alistar, whose services have also become pretty useless.

As a surprise, Mark Yetter added a new tweet to this first Patch Preview:

Oops, missing one addition – Riven on the buff list

— Mark Yetter (@MarkYetter) June 29, 2020

Good day for Riven mains.

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