Perkz faces his First Final as a Cloud9 player against Team Liquid

Long we have talked about one of the most astonishing player movements we have ever had in the competitive League of Legends scene, which involves Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic leaving G2 Esports to join Cloud9 in the North American LCS.

After five years playing with the European organization, the Croatian mid laner began his path through the 2021 LCS Spring Split ‘Lock In’ Tournament, the first phase of the new format of the North American competition.

Despite having a rough start, losing to Evil Geniuses on his debut, Perkz and his new team have been able to overcome and take victories in all the remaining games, beating FlyQuest, Dignitas, TSM in the Lock-In Quarter-Finals and, at last, 100Thieves in the Semi-Finals.

Tonight, Perkz will play his first final against Team Liquid, a Bo5 series that will mark the beginning of this new era in the LCS.

The mid laner is clearly not at his peak level, nor is his team, but in this series, they have the chance to continue with the increasingly-good performances that they are showing in the last matches, following the lead of the ADC, Jesper ‘Zven‘ Svenningsen, who is putting the team on his back, carrying the games, and even getting two Pentakills like the ones he got with Miss Fortune in the Semi-Finals against 100Thieves, two games in a row.

Let’s see how Perkz and Cloud9 develop in their first Finals of 2021, remember to check the schedule to know what time you have to assist to this date here!

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