Reyna was secretly nerfed in Patch 1.03 and fans are angry about it

Reyna is the newest Agent from VALORANT and since her release, she has been one of the most determinant picks of the shooter. But now, a Reddit user has discovered that Riot Games “secretlynerfed her with last Patch 1.03.

Anyone who has played against Reyna knows how useful and strong her skill kit is:

  • ‘C’ – Leer: Reyna equips and fires a purple eye that Nearsights all enemies who see it.
  • ‘Q’ – Devour: use the Soul Orb mechanic (when Reyna gets a kill) to self-heal very fast.
  • ‘E’ – Dismiss: use the Soul Orb mechanic to become intangible for a short period of time.
  • ‘X’ – Empress: buffs Reyna by increasing her firing rate, reload speed, and the speed of switching between guns and abilities.

All these abilities together, make Reyna a perfect duelist, lethal, very useful for the team, and able to be self-sufficient. Many people were asking for a nerf, it had a lot of sense to ask for it, and Riot Games should have been telling us about it sooner or later…

But no one expected what actually happened with Patch 1.03. Reyna was nerfed and nobody knew at first. There was no information about this nerf in the official Patch Notes.

Plus, they have nerfed one of the most determinant abilities of Reyna: Devour.

Before this change, you could use Devour right after killing your enemy, just by pressing ‘Q’, so Reyna would heal herself while hiding, running away, or whatever the situation was.

But now, after the ‘secret nerf’, this ability does not work if we don’t have a visual on the Soul Orb.

That change is especially bad for Reyna since she won’t be able to cover any other part of the map after killing an enemy and consume the Orb to self-heal if she does not have visual on it.

When this was discovered, many fans of the game complained about it on social media, so Riot Games had to explain the situation. One of the Game Designers responsible for this Agent admitted that they were aware of the situation, and explained that this was a bug, consequence of a different bugfix that they performed on Reyna.

He claimed that this was not part of Riot Games plans and they will fix it with the next Patch 1.04.

Now that we know everything about this ‘secret nerf’, not everyone is satisfied with Riot’s announcement, and a lot of players are demanding a hotfix to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Will Riot Games listen to them?

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