Riot adds lootable PBE item that could allow players to unlock potential new League champion Lillia for free

Could the new jungler be coming soon?

It seems the new League of Legends champion to “fawn” over might be around the corner.

Surrenderat20’s Moobeat informed fans today of a new loot item called “Lillia’s Haiku.” The item is currently on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) and reads “you have discovered Lillia in the forest.” Players will potentially be able to cash the item in for the new champion on July 22 at 2pm CT.

Since Lillia was found “in the forest,” this could be the new dreamy jungler teased by Riot earlier this month. While the devs didn’t offer any specifics, they did say that the new jungler would be a mid-range skirmisher that’s best at “frolicking in and out of the fray” and hinted at a sleep ability.

There were also some mysterious voice lines found on the PBE last week that mentioned Lillia.

“They took your home, Lillia,” one voice line says. “Do not forget this loss. Let it course through you.”

Riot similarly gave players the ability to unlock Sett for free prior to the bruiser’s release. League players who earned 10 or more first bloods in their matches received a Calling Card that they could use to get the champ for free.

It’s unclear what players have to do to earn Lillia’s Haiku.

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