Riot Games against toxicity: new AFK and intentional feeding detectors coming soon

Lately, we have witnessed Riot Games’ intentions to fight toxicity and bad behaviors in League of Legends. Now, product lead for competitive gameplay Cody “Codebear” Germain has updated fans on behavioral improvements and upcoming features for their most successful game.

One of the last features they have added is the possibility to mute and report during Champion Select, the first step in this fight to start dealing with a long-delayed problem, as Codebear admits.

Sharing our next areas of focus for behavioral systems improvements.

— moobeat (@moobeat) July 3, 2020

Now, the company wants to focus on the impact that these behaviors have on other players’ in-game experience.

“We’ve defined that as behaviors that have the direct intention of causing a loss or direct intention of reducing the potential for a win, which can span intentional feeding, sabotage or game-based harassment (griefing), and idling or intentionally leaving the match”.

Once they have defined every problem they want to get rid of, Codebear explains the approach they will start with. Riot Games want to test those tools that have the potential for meaningful, immediate change, they want to do it as quick as possible.

That is why he also announces Riot’s next moves: three projects to come out after Champ Select reporting and muting.

The most important point is probably the second one: Riot Games is developing a new detection technology to punish all those players who intentionally feed, or go AFK.

This tool must be accurate enough to not punish those players who may have connection problems or any other kind of issue.

We don’t know how will it be, but Codebear assures that we will have monthly updates with changes, how solutions are performing, and where they are going next. 

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