San Francisco Shock Teams With Herman Miller

The San Francisco Shock today will announce a deal with Herman Miller that involves promoting a new gamer chair that the furniture design company just unveiled yesterday.

 Terms were not revealed for the deal, which is with the Overwatch League team that won last year’s championship and is owned by NRG Esports.

 But the Shock will promote the Embody Gaming Chair, which Herman Miller designed as part of a collaboration with gaming equipment brand Logitech G and costs $1,495 USD.

 Herman touts the chair’s features as including cooling foam with copper-infused particles to reduce heat in the seat and support that distributes body weight evenly.

 The Shock’s players will use the chair while gaming and that will be seen in streams and other content.

Herman Miller CMO Tim Straker wrote in a prepared statement: “From the very beginning of the development of the Embody Gaming Chair, partnering with organizations like the San Francisco Shock was crucial. Working alongside professional gamers, we were able to conduct critical observational research that helped inform key decisions with the chair. We are so excited to be able to bring the story full circle and see our chairs supporting some of the world’s top gamers.”

Meanwhile, Shock President Brett Lautenbach added: “Herman Miller is on the cutting edge of design and health in gaming. This new chair will revolutionize how our players practice every day and create a healthier environment for the hours upon hours our players spend honing their craft.”

Herman Miller also today announced a deal to become the exclusive gaming chair provider for Team SoloMid, again centered around the Embody Gaming Chair. Herman Miller will supply the chair for the new TSM Performance Center, the organization’s recently-constructed training facility.

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