Sylar asks the fans to stop bashing at his former 4AM teammates

The Elephant.4AM-Eurus-Sylar roster announcement drama has finally come to an end, but the fans in China are not ready to let this go down so easily.

Although some of those directly involved in the conflict shared their perspectives on the whole situation and gave a lot of details on how the situation developed, some of the team members are still dealing with a big wave of negative comments coming from their fans on Weibo.

For everyone, Liu “Sylar” Jiajun, a respected carry veteran of the scene, was treated in a despicable manner by the organization and by the players who he was about to join in the newly formed team. Most fans turned the blame on those who already had signed with Elephant.4AM and blamed them for not wanting to even try to play alongside Sylar, therefore he was kicked just one day after the official announcement.

In a recent Weibo post, Sylar asked the fans to stop pointing fingers and end the drama as he himself has “never really blamed anyone” for the whole mess. He also mentioned Chen Yanchuan, a big Dota 2 streamer in China, who was the contact person from Elephant and asked the community to spare him.

Sylar’s full Weibo post translates as follows:

“Don’t fire shots at Chuan [Chen Yanchuan] anymore, the information he got was based on the person he trusted. Everyone who told their story has their own standpoint and perspective, and the truth can never be clarified. Before lunch yesterday, I never asked anyone about the process of the whole thing, because it means nothing to me. To be honest, I’ve never really blamed anyone for this since the very beginning. From my own perspective as a player, I thought more about why I didn’t make any wise choice. What he did was merely asking an explanation for me, and he even managed to get the compensation for me. I was the one who told him that I didn’t need it. This matter had nothing to do with my 3 former teammates. I understood both why they chose me on Oct. 1 and the result now. I hope you stop bashing at my 3 former teammates, too. I extend special thanks to Maybe, including for what he said after the drama. I’m grateful for BBC and Tao’s help, and everyone who cares about me.”


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