The International 10 Collector’s Cache has arrived containing 18 item sets

The International 10 Battle Pass owners were invited last month to vote for their favourite item sets from a selection of 148 workshop submissions for this year’s Collector’s Cache.

About two weeks since the voting closed, Valve releases the treasure with 18 item sets, from which 17 are exclusive and won’t be able to be purchased in any other way. TI10 Collector’s Cache also contains an ultra rare Mirana set which will be marketable sometime after The International 11.

Upon the treasure release, Valve made public the vote tally for each item set included in The International 10 Collector’s Cache.

TI 10 Collector’s Cache vote tally:

  • Tiny: 533,094 votes
  • Night Stalker: 513,300 votes
  • Underlord: 462,155 votes
  • Mars: 461,980 votes
  • Ancient Apparition: 445,540 votes
  • Warlock: 434,483 votes
  • Juggernaut: 424,958
  • Disruptor: 416,678 votes
  • Silencer: 410,484 votes
  • Mirana: 405,545 votes
  • Pudge: 400,718 votes
  • Bounty Hunter: 393,102 votes
  • Huskar: 390,656 votes
  • Jakiro: 390,030 votes
  • Grimstroke: 388,186 votes
  • Nature’s Prophet: 379,109 votes
  • Lina: 367,285 votes
  • Enchantress: 363,905 votes

The treasure is available in the Dota 2 store for $2.49 and will be on sale for 30 days. As with any other TI Battle Pass treasure, each purchase of Collector’s Cache contributes 25% of sales directly to The International 10 prize pool.

Unboxing 15 treasures will automatically grant 36 Battle Levels, and the odds of receiving a bonus rare item will increase with each treasure opened. Any unwanted items can be recycled for 2 Battle Levels.

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