TJ Sports Teases Two More Global Partners for Worlds 2020, Adds Salary Cap and Luxury Tax in LPL

Bobby Jin, the co-CEO of TJ Sports, announced at Tencent Global Esports Summit that the company is planning to operate new financial fair regulation in League of Legends Pro League (LPL) between teams and players.

According to Jin, among the financial fair regulation:

  • TJ Sports would set up a flexible but limited training cost to maintain the team cost.
  • TJ Sports will add salary caps and a luxury tax in the LPL, equivalent to NBA. 
  • The training income of a player will link up with his or her achievements in the league. Lin said that this would protect players’ rights.

Following Jin’s speech, Leo Lin, another co-CEO of TJ Sports, announced the plans for the upcoming League of Legends World Championship (Worlds 2020) in Shanghai. Lin said that the company is still positively working and discussing with the Shanghai government with the expectation of operating the event with live audiences. 

In addition, Lin also released the Worlds 2020 schedule, and revealed that two more companies will join Worlds as global partners. The names of the two brands are to be announced at a later date. 

Earlier this month, TJ Sports announced 13 partners of Worlds 2020, including global partners OPPO, Cisco, and Mastercard; Chinese official partners Momchilovtsi, Wahaha, Warhorse, and KFC; and Chinese special partners Suning, SPD Bank Credit Card, Intel, Logitech G, JMGO, and ROEHL.HL.

It’s more likely Mercedes-Benz is one of two unknown partners. The global carmaker was not on the list at the time, but Mercedes-Benz is currently the only chief partner of LPL, and has been the Chinese official partner for the past three years. 

It should be noted that Jerome Yu, marketing director of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales Service Co. Ltd, also attended the summit as one of the guests, and also gave a speech. The Esports Observer reached out to TJ Sports, but the company declined to comment at the time of writing. 

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