Tournament Organizer WePlay Joins Esports Integrity Commission

Ukraine-based esports tournament organizer WePlay has become the latest company to join the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC). The ESIC will aid WePlay in identifying potential misconduct and upholding the integrity of the competitive esports scene. WePlay joins tournament organizers like ESL and DreamHack as members of the ESIC.

In partnership with different tournament organizers, the ESIC works to point out potential match-fixing, cheating, or other suspicious activity. The Commission recently banned over 30 professional CS:GO coaches for the use of an in-game spectating exploit that gave coaches an unfair advantage. Those coaches are barred from coaching professional teams at ESIC-partnered events for varying lengths of time, depending on how many offenses were found.

Last month, the Commission banned seven CS:GO players competing in the Australian ESEA Mountain Dew League for one year after identifying suspicious betting conducted by the players. The ESIC is also currently investigating match-fixing and other offenses in North American MDL-level Counter-Strike.

“We are happy to have such a formidable ally in the enforcement of fair play in WePlay Esports events,” said WePlay Esports general manager Oleh Humeniuk. “Participation in ESIC shows to both players and partners that we are taking competitive integrity very seriously and apply a zero-tolerance policy to match manipulations of any kind.”

WePlay hosts multiple competitive gaming tournaments each year, mainly for Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The organizer has worked with the ESIC in the past, describing the Commission as the “prestigious not-for-profit guardian of ethics in esports” in a release.

“As a tournament operator that has been engaging with ESIC for some time, we are happy to have WePlay transition into full membership with ESIC,” said ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith. “WePlay joins a prestigious list of tournament operators who have pledged a commitment to standardising an approach to competitive integrity in esports. WePlay’s commitment to ESIC is a reflection of the fact that WePlay values a safe, and healthy esports industry.”

This partnership follows an announcement from popular esports wiki platform Liquipedia which detailed rampant match-fixing in the competitive Dota 2 world. WePlay has hosted ten Dota 2 tournaments so far this year, including the Bukovel Minor, which boasted a $300,000 prize pool.

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