TYLOO seeks revenge on Invictus in PAL Summer finals

TYLOO and Invictus are set to battle it out in the Perfect World Asia League Summer final. The two teams took down ViCi and Beyond in their semifinals matches to set up the meeting in the $90,000 event.

In addition to the $25,000 first place prize, the two teams will be vying for the 2,000 Regional Major Rankings points on the line. The loser will walk away with 125 points less at 1,875 RMR points.

ViCi and Beyond will be battling in the third-place decider with a $3,000 difference in prize money along with an increase of 125 RMR points from 1,625 to 1,750.

With the bottom six teams already set, only Bren Esports and Mazaalai walk away pointless. The ninth and tenth place team earned $2,000 each but are no steps closer to the next Major.

TYLOO have been dominant at the event thus far, having not dropped a single map since their opener to Invictus back on June 25th. Since that loss, TYLOO has gone 20-0 in maps but now face their defeater once again.

Invictus on the other hande has suffered losses to TIGER and ViCi while giving up a total of nine maps (including their losses) for a map record of 20-9.

Sunday, July 19

05:00   ViCi vs.  Beyond (BO3)
08:00   TYLOO vs.  Invictus (BO3)

Current standings of the PAL Summer event:

1. $25,000 + 2000 RMR Points
2. $20,000 + 1875 RMR Points
3. $15,000 + 1750 RMR Points
4. $12,000 + 1625 RMR Points
5-8. D13 – $6,000 + 1312.5 RMR Points
5-8. Divine Vendetta – $6,000 + 1312.5 RMR Points
5-8. Lucid Dream – $6,000 + 1312.5 RMR Points
5-8. TIGER – $6,000 + 1312.5 RMR Points
9. Bren – $2,000
10.  Mazaalai – $2,000

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