YNk leaves FaZe Clan; will "take a break from coaching" until 2021

Janko “⁠YNk⁠” Paunović has announced his departure from FaZe Clan. The head coach leaves the organization on the same day that it’s revealed Nikola “⁠NiKo⁠” Kovač would be making the move to G2 Esports. YNk had been the coach of FaZe since January 2019.

In a TwitLonger elaborating on his decision. YNk stated that he felt “that the best way to move forward is for the team and myself to part ways and, with NiKo going to G2, give the players and the organization the opportunity to get a new coach and IGL who can work on taking the team forward.”

In terms of his future, the 28-year-old stated that he hopes to continue coaching but will take the remainder of 2020 off. “I still have love for the game and the coaching profession although my plan is to take a break from coaching until the end of the year and see what 2021 brings.”

This leaves FaZe Clan with only four members and no coach unless Olof “⁠olofmeister⁠” Kajbjer returns to the active lineup.

FaZe CS:GO division:

-Håvard “⁠rain⁠” Nygaard
-Marcelo “⁠coldzera⁠” David
-Helvijs “⁠broky⁠” Saukants
-Markus “⁠Kjaerbye⁠” Kjærbye

-Olof “⁠olofmeister⁠” Kajbjer (benched)

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