Danganronpa Dev Spike Chunsoft Will Now Publish The Series Too

The Danganronpa series is going through a change in publisher. It was recently announced by previous publisher NIS America that several titles in the series would be removed from digital sale on PS4 and PS Vita across August and September, and now we have a better idea why.

Spike Chunsoft, the game’s developer, has announced on Twitter that they will be handling all publishing for the series going forward. Whether this means that the games will be returning to digital storefronts right away isn’t clear yet, but Spike Chunsoft is promising a statement “once details are finalized.”

This also doesn’t necessarily mean that the publisher is gearing up for a new Danganronpa. Kazutaka Kodaka, the series’ creative director, is currently working on Death March Club, and directed FMV game Death Come True.

Hopefully this means that the series will come back to PS Vita after NIS America removes the games, though, as it remains one of the best places to experience the series. The first game in the series recently came to mobile, and its sequels will follow.

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