Fortnite Players Keep Recreating Classic Games With Its Creative Mode

Fortnite player and Reddit user u/Enderbite187 has recreated puzzles from Angry Birds within the game’s creative mode. The infamous little green pigs are present and they look identical to their mobile counterparts.

“Great job on the pigs,” one Redditor said. “Actually looks like them style-wise.”

Angry Birds, which originally launched in 2009, is a mobile game in which you launch a variety of fuming fowls at a pile of wood, bricks, and pigs with a slingshot. The series has grown so popular that theme parks and major animated movies have been adapted from it.

Other players have tried to recreate Angry Birds within Fortnite as well, but they’ve taken some creative liberties with how the game is played (they’re just launching ATV’s at a wood building). Check out the video below.

Fortnite’s creative mode, which launched in 2018, gives players the tools to design their very own islands. It’s becoming a wonderful hub of creativity that rivals Minecraft. Some fans have gone as far as using familiar in-game assets to design their own game modes, narratives, and takes on classics like Super Mario 64 or Resident Evil 2. Others, like fans of SOCOM, have built their own communities within the mode.

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