Fortnite Quinjets Guide: How to search SHIELD Chests (Week 2)

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4’s map is constantly changing. One of Week 2’s challenges will need you to track down Tony Stark’s constantly moving Quinjets in order to steal some of the Avengers loot. The challenge tasks you with searching SHIELD chests inside Quinjets. This guide will help you locate Quinjets, deal with the bots that guard them, and complete the challenge.

This challenge leaked early; check back later in the week to try it for yourself.

Where Are the Quinjets?

Fortnite’s Season 4 Quinjets change location with every match. You see them fly by when the battle bus starts crossing the map. Plane-shaped icons will pop up on the map once you land. Those are the locations of the Quinjets. Here’s an example:

Quinjet locations have multiple bots built by Tony Stark, drones carrying chests, and rarer chest spawns inside the plane itself. Land nearby a named location, get an assault rifle or sniper rifle, and make your way to one of the plane icons. Take out the bots from a distance–they should be easier to eliminate that way. You might get overwhelmed if you rush to fight the five bots up close.

Once you’ve dealt with the bots, which should net you experience for a Week 1 challenge, collect the chest inside the ship and shoot the drones hovering nearby. Be sure to head to a Quinjet location early as there is only so much loot. Other players could get there first. You’ll need to open seven chests overall but they don’t need to be in the same match.

If you haven’t dealt damage with the Tony Stark bot weapons, the Stark Industries energy rifle, be sure to pick one up and use that to complete a different weekly challenge.

What Do I Get For Opening Quinjet Chests?

You’ll get a hefty chunk of experience once you open seven chests. This will help you level up and unlock different style costumes for all the Marvel superheroes featured in the battle pass.

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