How To Get Jason Momoa's Aquaman In Fortnite — First Challenges Live Now

Fortnite: Chapter 2, Season 3 has arrived, and it’s called Splash Down. While we’re still piecing together everything that has changed and what’s stayed the same, one major takeaway from the first trailer is that a member of the DC Universe has joined the fray as part of the new Battle Pass, and will be made available soon: Aquaman. Here’s how to unlock him, all the details on the Aquaman challenges, and more.

How To Unlock Aquaman

The Aquaman skin, or outfit as Fortnite calls it, is actually available in two different styles. There is the “Aquaman (Arthur Curry)” version and an alternate one simply titled “Aquaman” that puts the otherwise-shirtless superhero into his battle armor. You’ll need to purchase the Season 3 Battle Pass in order to unlock Aquaman either way, but there’s an additional step beyond that to complete. The Arthur Curry style requires that you first unlock and equip the standard Aquaman skin to complete a particular challenge–but to unlock the first skin, you’ll need to do all five Aquaman challenges, only the first of which was available at launch. However, the content is becoming available over the succeeding weeks and you’ll eventually be able to have a full Aquaman skin. For now, here’s how to unlock what’s live already.

Aquaman unlock requirements:

  • Aquaman
    • Buy Season 3 Battle Pass
    • Complete all Aquaman challenges
  • Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
    • Buy Season 3 Battle Pass
    • Challenge: Dive over the waterfall at Gorgeous Gorge while wearing the Aquaman outfit
    • Aquaman Challenges And Rewards

      On Season 3’s launch day, only one Aquaman challenge is available. Based on the in-game clock, we’ll get one new Aquaman challenge each week, with the fifth and final one arriving on Thursday, July 16. Here’s a list of the challenges (the specific requirements for the locked ones are currently unknown) and their rewards:

      • Use a whirlpool at the Fortilla — King of the Beach loading screen
      • Catch different types of fish in a single match (2) — Sea Shaka reward
      • Use a fishing rod to ride behind a Loot Shark at Sweaty Sands — Aquaman’s Trident
      • ??? (unlocks July 9) — Supreme Shell
      • ??? (unlocks July 16) — unknown reward

      Aquaman Reveal

      Epic didn’t waste much time in revealing this season’s big licensed character; in the screenshot from the trailer below, you can distinctly see Jason Momoa’s Aquaman making an over-the-top appearance. He’s wearing the same costume that he did in James Wan’s 2018 movie, and we can also see the distinctive scar over Momoa’s left eyebrow.

      For comparison, here’s Momoa as he appears in the film. He’s looking a bit more chilled out in the game.

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