Pokemon Go Fest 2020 Day 2: Team Rocket Takeover, Shadow Legendaries, And More

Day 1 of Pokemon Go Fest 2020 has wrapped up, but there’s still a lot happening in the game this weekend. The nefarious Team Go Rocket are taking over the second day of the Pokemon Go event, and they’ll have a few Shadow Legendaries in their possession. Here’s what you can expect.

Team Go Rocket Takeover

Team Go Rocket are making their presence felt during Day 2 of Pokemon Go Fest 2020. The villainous team will be appearing in their Rocket balloons and taking over PokeStops much more frequently than normal throughout the day, and all players–even those who haven’t purchased a Go Fest ticket–will have a chance to battle them.

Fittingly, the Pokemon Go Fest confetti raining down on the map will be replaced by Team Go Rocket confetti during Day 2. On top of that, you’ll be able to use Charged TMs to replace Frustration with a different move. This apparently will only be possible for a limited time during Team Go Rocket takeovers, so take advantage of the ability to do so while you can.

Shadow Articuno, Zapdos, And Moltres

Rocket grunts won’t be the only ones out in full force during Day 2 of Pokemon Go Fest 2020. Go Rocket Leaders Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra will also be making an appearance, and it seems they’ll have different lineups of Shadow Pokemon, including Shadow versions of the Legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. You can see each leader’s team below:

  • Cliff: Shadow Pinsir, Tyranitar, and Articuno
  • Sierra: Shadow Beldum, Houndoom, and Zapdos
  • Arlo: Shadow Mawile, Scizor, and Moltres

Team Rocket head honcho Giovanni will show up as well during Day 2, and he’ll likewise have a different lineup of Pokemon at his command. If you manage to defeat him, you’ll have a chance to catch his Shadow Persian.

Special Research

Players who have a Go Fest 2020 ticket will gain access to a new Special Research quest line during Day 2 called “Rocket Straight to Victory.” The Special Research will be available throughout the entire day of the event, from 10 AM to 8 PM local time, and will focus on driving back Team Go Rocket. Among the rewards you’ll receive for completing the Special Research quests are Pokemon that will be helpful in battle against the Rocket Leaders.

Additionally, Go Fest ticket holders will earn twice the normal amount of Stardust and Mystery Components for defeating Rocket grunts during the day. Niantic also teases that some “unwanted guests” may photobomb snapshots you take, and Professor Willow may discover the source of “great energy” that he was feeling during Day 1–perhaps the new Mythical Pokemon that was previously teased to be debuting during event. You’ll be able to follow updates about Team Rocket’s activities on Pokemon Go’s Twitter account and the Pokemon Go Fest virtual lounge.

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