10 Best ADCs in Wild Rift (As Of Patch 2.2)

In both League of Legends and its mobile version, Wild Rift, the ADC is an important role in team compositions. When compared to other damage-oriented roles like Bruisers or Mages, the ADC focuses more on sustained DPS. This is typically physical DPS, but there are other characters who can fill the same role that provide a more magical edge (like Teemo, allegedly). In general, the ADC takes the form of a ranged Marksman and many share a lot of similarities in style.

Wild Rift provides a whole different experience for the typical ADC. Kiting, for example, is significantly easier due to the control scheme of the game. On the other hand, landing skill shots isn’t as reliable for those who are still grappling with the new controls. However, in a live-service game, anything can change, so remember the context of this list is for Patch 2.2.

10 Jhin: The Virtuoso

The first ADC on this list is often considered one of the most finely-designed champions in League. Jhin, the Virtuoso, is a character oozing with style and theme with every attack. Playing Jhin is a different experience from other Marksman due to his passive. Jhin has an ammo system, and each fourth shot is a guaranteed critical strike that deals bonus damage.

In Wild Rift, Jhin is still very reliable. He provides both high late-game DPS and solid utility. However, his utility with Deadly Flourish is much less reliable against good opponent. It’s rather easy to pivot and dodge a Deadly Flourish during skirmishes. The same goes for his ult. Despite that, he’s still a rock-solid pick.

9 Ashe: The Frost Archer

Despite what the game may say, Ashe is an ADC that brings a lot of utility to the table. She’s a rather simple character and was used as the tutorial ADC for much of League’s early days. Her power is loaded in her ability to slow and stun enemies, keeping melee champs at arm’s reach.

Ashe is pretty much the same in Wild Rift, aside from getting the ability to curve her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Her play pattern in lane and in team fights is nearly identical. With easier kiting, however, her biggest strength is now shared amongst more characters, leaving her damage somewhat lacking.

8 Xayah: The Rebel

The offense-oriented half of the lover’s duo, Xayah is a character that can be rather hard to pilot for newer players. Her damage comes online after a few items, but she gains the power to shred pretty much anyone. She also has self-peel with her ultimate, Featherstorm, in conjunction with high damage on Bladecaller.

When paired with Rakan, Xayah is incredibly powerful. Alone, she’s pretty much on par with other hyper carries. She serves more as an answer to specific team compositions designed to hard engage the carry. Despite that, she can easily be picked in most team compositions and is capable of single-handedly ending team fights.

7 Draven: The Glorious Executioner

The lovable axe-throwing madman, Draven, is of course in Wild Rift. Draven is a challenging character to play for even experienced players. Juggling axes and optimizing his early game strength can lead to a very feast-or-famine playstyle. He either rolls the game or can be easily shut down.

Draven is a wild coinflip of a pick. With the controls in Wild Rift, it may provide a new challenge for juggling axes. However, his early game power is great for contesting early objectives, and fast scaling makes it so he’s less likely to flounder. He’s a champion to be feared, even if he isn’t always the best.

6 Tristana: The Yordle Gunner

Tristana is a pick that isn’t just locked into the duo lane role. Her kit, particularly her Rocket Jump, gives her safety in solo lanes. When combined with her passive, the faster levels give her the ability to become a terror much earlier in the game. This doesn’t make her worse in a duo lane, but the flex power should be recognized.

For Wild Rift, Tristana benefits greatly from having few skillshots and a reliable disengage tool. She can easily jump in and erase a target with her burst combo, getting resets and dominating a fight on the smaller rift. Her mid-game power is lackluster, but her strong early and late game make up for it.

5 Vayne: The Night Hunter

Vayne is a character with a specific reputation among the community. Before Draven mains became the bud of jokes, Vayne mains were tumbling around and coinflipping team fights with no regard to their own safety. Despite that reputation, she remains a great pick in both solo and duo lanes.

In Wild Rift, Vayne is blessed to have her power loaded into her auto-attacks. She can kite with ease, take safer trades with Tumble, and dominate late-game fights with ease. She requires a lot of effort from allies to enable her to succeed, but a late-game Vayne has power that should be feared.

4 Varus: The Arrow Of Retribution

Many ADCs are locked into one playstyle, focusing on either spells or auto-attacks. Varus is capable of doing both with great success. Varus can be a strong mid-game pick, focusing on lethality items to maximize his Q damage on squishy targets. On the other hand, an on-hit-focused Varus can shred entire teams if given the chance to DPS safely.

In Wild Rift, aside from a quality of life change to his Q, he functions in a similar manner to regular League. He shares much of the same strengths, and can easily outrange most of the cast currently in the game. Without Caitlyn to fear, his range beats out just about everyone else. Plus, his utility with his ultimate makes him even more of a game-changing pick.

3 Graves: The Outlaw

The only non-traditional ADC on the list, Malcolm Graves brings a new dynamic to the role. As a jungler, Graves is able to find new angles in fights and puts himself at risk to maximize damage. Fortunately, he’s also much tankier than nearly every other marksman and can make use of Bruiser items while dealing solid damage.

Graves is a terror in Wild Rift. His jungle clears are not just absurdly fast, but healthy as well. Even new players can quickly learn how to efficiently kite camps using the twin-stick controls. This allows for early ganks and early control of the map. He can also easily duel other junglers throughout the whole game. He might not fit every team composition, but he’s still a great pick to use when it fits.

2 Jinx: The Loose Cannon

The poster girl of Wild Rift, Jinx is appropriately very strong. Jinx swaps between two weapons, the short-range Pow-Pow and the long-range, AoE rocket-launching Fishbones. As a hyper carry, Jinx’s role is to get through the early game and scale into a late-game menace.

Jinx is powerful for a number of reasons. First, she has solid laning with the rocket launcher and her Zap! as poking tools. Her Flame Chompers can control terrain and discourage champions like Alistar from engaging on her. Her passive also allows her to ramp up in fights, attacking and moving faster after getting the takedown. Finally, the Mega-Death Rocket is a great tool to execute low health targets across the map and steal objectives.

1 Kai’Sa: Daughter Of The Void

Kai’Sa has been a staple of competitive play and solo queue since she was added into traditional League. She has the traits of the other great hypercarries all rolled into one single pick. She can melt tanks like Vayne, skirmish like Draven, and dive to assassinate targets like Tristana. She’s the utility knife of the ADC role.

Wild Rift has Kai’Sa at her best. She doesn’t have as many items as she does in traditional League, but that doesn’t limit her power. She’s capable of dominating games if given the chance and is hard to shut down in fights. A team will need to coordinate to take her down. If not, Kai’Sa is the one ADC that all should fear.

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