10 Horror Game Locations We’d Love To Visit, Kind Of

While horror games tend to be focused on making your skin crawl, they also frequently have elaborate, occasionally beautiful locations. Whether it be an ornate mansion, a derelict freighter, or an abandoned space station, all of these settings are great to explore, no matter the fear.

These locations are certainly not for the faint of heart, and they come with a number of unique obstacles, but if you have a sense of adventure, and maybe a lack of self-preservation, it is hard to imagine a more interesting location to explore than the ones listed here.

10 Blackwood Mountain, Until Dawn

Now, this is a ski resort that has it all: a giant cushy lodge, separate cozy cabins, a breathtaking forested mountain, old mine shafts, and an abandoned sanitorium. You know, typical lodge stuff. There is a huge amount to explore for the adventurous at heart.

Indeed, Until Dawn's scenic Blackwood Mountain has a lot to offer adventurers who are willing to get their hands dirty. There is a sense of undiscovered history just waiting to be uncovered. Wendigo? What wendigo?

9 SS Ourang Medan, Man of Medan

There are few vacations more desirable than a cruise. Of course, there is one downside: you have to deal with those pesky crowds. Well, that isn't a problem on the SS Ourang Medan. You get the whole ship to yourself.

The idea of wandering through a ship that has been adrift for decades, untouched by man during that entire time, is unquestionably appealing. Though a word of warning, before you set foot on the deck of the SS Ourang Medan, you may want to bring a gas mask.

8 Nostromo Starfreighter, Alien Isolation

The Nostromo is one of the first examples of a future that feels inhabited by real people. An iconic look into a future where regular people still live their lives. It would be absolutely delightful to walk the hallways of the Nostromo. See the guts of the ship. Maybe even crawl through the expansive duct system.

Of course, there is one problem with exploring the Nostromo; it seems to have a nasty infestation. Maybe don't crawl into the ducts, then.

7 Nemeton Mansion, Koudelka

The hauntingly beautiful Nemeton Mansion isn't just another big house, it also used to be a monastery. That means that all those classic Catholic embellishments are present, including ornate decor and stained glass windows. While Nemeton Mansion is somewhat in a state of disrepair, that only adds to its beauty. It feels as though it is a place that time has forgotten, just begging to be rediscovered.

However, while the hallowed halls of Nemeton may be beautiful, the shambling horrors that wander it are not. Though if it is any consolation, an elderly couple lives in Nemeton, so these creatures can't be that hard to deal with, right? Oh, a quick note about the caretaking couple, they are a friendly bunch, but politely refuse the soup.

6 Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, Five Nights At Freddies

Having an entire arcade to yourself at night is every child's dream. You could set all those arcade machines to free-play and just cut loose. Imagine having the run of a Chuck E Cheese like establishment. That sounds like an absolute blast. Then imagine ruining it all by talking about politics, something you clearly know nothing about. Sorry, was thinking about Scott Cawthon there.

Unfortunately, like most things, it comes with a bit of a catch, and we don't just mean the presence of Cawthon. As charming as those animatronic animals are, and they are super charming, they are known to glitch a little. But hey, sometimes contending with murderous robots is the price you pay for arcade nirvana.

5 Spencer Mansion, Resident Evil

The Spencer Mansion, while a tad inconvenient to explore (you better bring a key ring before you start your tour), is absolutely stunning. There is an art gallery, a number of gardens, and even an extensive rec room (though, due to it being an outbuilding, you may run into a few spiders).

It is also full of ingenious trap rooms and puzzles. Everyone knows escape rooms are in these days. On the downside, the consequence of getting those puzzles wrong seems a little severe.

4 Talos 1 Space Station, Prey

This massive space station is set up like a Silicon Valley tech company but in space. Talos 1 has a clean aesthetic and represents an idealized look at the near future. There are a number of recreational areas. The crew accommodations are cozy but well designed. There are also numerous means for travelling outside the space station, which would surely be a novel experience.

Unfortunately, Talos 1 is currently having an issue with staffing. The workers have become hostile and have begun playing the most aggressive form of hide-and-seek ever witnessed. Just make sure to give any given piece of furniture a whack with your trusty wrench before you sit on it and you should be fine. Probably. Maybe.

3 Silent Hill, Silent Hill

Do you know what type of place makes for a wonderful vacation spot? Quaint, quiet, sleepy towns. And hey, what could be more romantic than a bit of mist? It is like Victorian London, but without the smell. Well, you have just read a description of Silent Hill! Stop by Diner 52 and grab a bite to eat, then maybe go visit the Silent Hill Historical Society. What could be more pleasant?

Related: Scariest Silent Hill LocationsOh, just make sure you have come to terms with all the terrible, terrible things you have done. Otherwise, you won't be alone on your trip through Silent Hill.

2 Rapture, Bioshock

Bioshock's underwater city of Rapture provides two incredibly quaint experiences. First, and this probably goes without saying, but it is underwater. Wandering through the interior or Rapture is like being in a reverse aquarium. That is neat. Second, Rapture is an art deco paradise. If you have any affection for the art deco aesthetic, then Rapture is the place for you.

Unfortunately, Rapture has seen better days. Which is a real problem, as maintenance is key when your city is located at the bottom of the ocean.

1 Yharnam, Bloodborne

Is there any era more revered for its architecture than the Victorian era? Bloodborne's Yharnam isn't just a Victorian city, it is accentuated beyond that. The way the streets twist around each other, and the way the buildings stacked on top of each other, is vaguely surreal. Ultimately, it makes for an absolutely stunning locale. Bring in a blood-red moon and you have a real mood-setter.

Of course, the numerous pyres burning the copses of slain lycanthropes set their own kind of mood. On the plus side, when you knock on doors the locals sound like they are having a great time. The people of Yharnam are a jolly bunch!

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