10 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of Stray

The beauty of video games allows us to detach ourselves from reality and experience adventures that are unlike any others. We can travel among the stars, fight against demons and gods, swing from skyscraper to skyscraper, or explore a dark, cold world as a cat.

Playing as a feline is already more than enough reason to play Stray, but the game from BlueTwelve Studio is a heartwarming tale that even the smallest of creatures can make the biggest of differences. Despite telling a pretty open and closed story, there are still a few questions left unanswered as the credits rolled. Let’s take a look at the lingering questions we still have after finishing Stray.

The following list contains entries that have major spoilers regarding the game's story. Only continue reading this post if you've finished Stray.

10 Where Did The Zurks Come From?

Soon after the cat falls into the city below, you begin to see some not-so-friendly signage. Things like “No Escape” and posters of strange-looking monsters are plastered on every wall. Eventually, you encounter the little blobs of death called Zurks, which are the main reason why the city is sealed off from the outside world.

Zurks are carnivorous creatures that will devour anyone and anything in their path, but where exactly did they come from? Later in the story, when you’re exploring the Sewers, you find giant eyeballs on the walls that follow your movement. Are the Zurks part of some hive mind? Were they genetically engineered, or did they come from another planet?

9 How Do Companions Stay Online?

As you explore the catacombs of the city with your new pal B-12, you’ll meet the inhabitants in the form of robots called Companions. Once the Companions see you aren’t a Zurk and not a threat, they’re all rather friendly and do everything they can to help you on your journey. But how exactly do the Companions stay online?

One Companion mentions how the elevator hasn’t operated in at least 374 years, so it’s been nearly four centuries since humanity was eradicated. We can assume that the humans who designed the city would’ve installed a power supply to keep it functioning for quite some time, but would they have accounted for this long? How do the Companions still have power for their homes, shops, and themselves?

8 How Does B-12 Communicate With The Cat?

Shortly after falling into the dark depths of the city, the cat finds an abandoned lab where it activates a small drone. The drone goes by the name of B-12, and it's your partner in crime throughout the game. Luckily for you, B-12 has spent hundreds of years deciphering and translating the language of the Companions, so it acts as your translator through the game.

But how does B-12 communicate with the cat? For all we know, cats aren’t understand English or this Companion language, and B-12 isn’t flying around speaking in meows. Of course, whenever we play video games, we need to allow some room for unexplainable things, but this is something we won’t let slide.

7 How Did Cats And Other Animals Survive?

Stray opens up with you traversing with three other cats through a factory that’s become overgrown with foliage. Unfortunately, after you fall into the city below, you don’t see your cat pals again. After you open the city and emerge back to the Outside, you’ll see a bird fly away. So, how did these animals survive while humanity died off?

If cats and birds survived the Zurks, we can assume other animals survived too. But how were they able to survive something that devours all organic (and now metal) material? Humans felt it necessary to build sealed-off cities from the outside world and clearly didn’t take any animals with them Noah’s Ark style. It’s a real headscratcher how these animals survived in the wilderness for nearly 400 years.

6 How Did The Zurks Get Inside The City?

In an effort to escape the flesh-eating Zurks, humanity built massive cities that would be sealed off from the outside world. Without a way to stop these creatures, humans must’ve thought if they cut the Zurks’ food supply (themselves), maybe they’d die off from starvation, and humans would rise back up from the Walled Cities.

So, how exactly did the Zurks find a way into the city? Near the end of the game, you see the giant door that leads to the Outside completely sealed off. The entire city is enclosed, so the Zurks couldn’t have fallen through the top of it. It’s possible the Zurks might’ve infiltrated the city through the sewer system or how the cat found its way in the city, but that’s quite of a leap given how secure the city was supposed to be.

5 What Was The Plague That Killed Humanity?

Although humanity successfully created the Walled City and sealed themselves from the Zurks, the human race was still wiped out. A Companion mentions a plague that might’ve been responsible for killing everyone hundreds of years ago, but there aren’t many details of what this plague really was.

Without proper sunlight and maybe food or water contamination, it’s quite feasible to think of a sickness that developed inside the city that ravaged all the survivors. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that any humans left behind data files recounting their days in the city, so any information about what they went through is lost in the past.

4 Why Are There Police In Midtown?

In your journey to open the city, you’ll need to find Clementine in an area called Midtown. When humanity first built the Walled City, Midtown was supposedly the level for the upper class, but naturally, that kind of separation caused turmoil among the citizens. Now inhabited by Companions, the area is still somewhat cut off from the lower levels, but because of the Zurks infestation.

Right away, you’ll notice a police officer Companion running after another robot. Known as Peacekeepers, these Companions, along with Sentinels, enforce the law in Midtown. But why are Peacekeepers and Sentinels even needed? Were they remnants of humanity and they needed enforcers? What crimes are Companions committing now that warrant torture and deletion in jail?

3 How Can Companions Have Children?

After you’ve met Momo in The Slums, you’ll have to locate the remaining members of his group to reach the Outside. One of the members is named Doc and he has a son named Seamus, who spends much of his time drinking away his sorrows at the local bar. The cat and B-12 are able to convince Seamus to help them escape The Slums and eventually find his father.

Now, if these Companions simply mimic humans but they’re still just programs, how do they have children? Do they have various hard drives that are labeled “parent” or “child” that is assigned to the Companions? It’s a nice sentiment that these robots were able to formulate the concept of family, but hey, it doesn’t seem like it’s being formed by way of the birds and the bees.

2 Why Did The Sentinels Stop Working In The Sunlight?

With B-12’s final spark, they manage to override the final locking system and open the city. We see all sorts of Companions react to the first rays of sunlight they’ve experienced in nearly 400 years. We also see Zurks explode and Sentinels depower in the sun, which is a bit strange.

B-12 and the cat obtain a weapon called the Defluxor to combat the Zurks. The weapon uses a form of a special light to make the Zurks explode, so it’s understandable that the carnivorous creatures would do the same in sunlight. But why did the Sentinel stop working? They looked like a weaponized drone that might’ve been part of the Companion program, but even if that’s not the case, why would the sun completely shut them down?

1 How Many Walled Cities Are In The World?

Once you reach the Control Room, you’ll find a few Companions but a bit different than the others you’ve met throughout the city. These Companions are still operating on factory settings, simply known as Helper with a number, and tend to keep the area clean. All around the room, there are giant stickers on the wall that says "Walled City 99."

Does that mean there are 99 of these sealed-off cities in total scattered across the world? And if there are, why wouldn’t there be a way to communicate with each other? There’s a small possibility that humanity might’ve survived in other cities, and the Companions of Walled City 99 think they’re all dead, but it’s only in their city.

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