10 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 has been out for some time now, and many have dedicated their entire playthrough to searching every nook and cranny for secrets. But some secrets are very well hidden. And there are ten in particular that even the most thorough of adventures could easily have missed.

From invisible items, secret characters, and even OP crops, Rune Factory 5 is brimming with untapped information. If you are looking to uncover all of Rune Factory 5’s hidden secrets, here are ten things that everyone completely missed.

9/9 Rare Cans

It’s usually disappointing when you fish up trash instead of a prized critter. But there is one piece of trash in Rune Factory 5 that is well worth your time and effort. If you ever fish up a Rare Can, don’t throw it away to clear up more space in your inventory!

Rare Cans are worth 300G if you sell them in the shipping box. This is an incredible rate compared to the measly 1G you get from regular cans. You can find Rare Cans by fishing in the pond in the Whispering Woods with a higher quality Fishing Rod. You can also upgrade your Fishing Rod with a 4-Leaf Clover to improve your chances of fishing up this valuable item.

8/9 Invisible Chests

There is one item in particular that everyone is sure to have missed during their playthrough of Rune Factory 5. No one can blame you if you did, as these chests are invisible, after all. To find one, you have to either already know they are there or stumble across one accidentally.

There are several invisible chests hidden around every area in Rune Factory 5. They can be found by observing the twinkling effect that indicates an item is around, but there is nothing there. You can also see their icon on the map once you have advanced SEED abilities, or are traveling with a trained monster.

7/9 Tree Seeds

Invisible chests are not the only items you would be forgiven for walking straight past in Rune Factory 5.The series allows you to build expansive and profitable farms to increase your cash flow, and have somewhere to relax between battles. But did you know you can also grow trees on your farm?

The chances are you probably didn’t. You can’t purchase tree seeds in Rune Factory 5, but instead you have to find them. And unfortunately, like most hidden items, they are not easy to spot. You can find tree seeds in the stumps of trees in gathering areas if your SEED skills are high enough, or you have a well trained monster. They are invisible to the naked eye, but by approaching a stump and pressing A on the right spot, you can find some to plant on your farm.

6/9 Calamity's Edge Hack

Taming monsters in Rune Factory 5 is certainly no secret, and many people are also already aware of the possibility of taming boss monsters. But there is one boss in particular that is extremely helpful for one of the hardest areas you will come across in the story.

Rune Factory is known for massive jumps in difficulty, and Calamity’s Edge is the perfect example of that. You are not allowed to bring any friends with you on this leg of your journey, which makes it even harder. But you can bring your tamed monsters.

If you’ve tamed the Nine-Tailed Fox, simply ride atop your monster friend straight to victory. The Nine-Tailed Fox is immune to dark attacks, and when you are riding it, you are too. It’s the easiest way to clear Calamity’s Edge.

5/9 The Secret Pixie

There are many easter eggs that subtly nod to its predecessors. One of these is modeled after the Harvest Goddess from Harvest Moon. Rune Factory 5 has its own Harvest Goddess in the form of a secret pink Pixie that dwells in the heart of Keron Pond in the Pharos Woodlands.

Throw an item into the pond to appease the secret Pixie, and she will most likely express her distaste for your kind gifts — at first. The Pixie has some very rare and valuable demands, but once you supply them, you can unlock a super-rare Headdress.

4/9 Unlimited Wood Hack

Rune Factory 5 offers you somewhat limited resources to keep you always hunting for that extra wood or stone. But there is a way that you can cheat the system and create a regenerating source of wood or stone on your farm.

Simply chop down your tree or hit your rocks until there is one hit left on them. Then exit and re-enter your farm. The number of hits will reset to three. You can then continuously keep doing this until your pockets are absolutely brimming with resources — just make sure you don’t break them completely, or they won't regenerate.

3/9 Festival Mini-Games

Festivals in Rune Factory 5 are always enjoyable and have adorable mini-games you can play. But there is a hidden secret that allows you to relive those moments any time you like. It isn’t explicitly stated in the game, and the chances of coming across it accidentally aren't that high either.

When you open your calendar, you will see blue circles on some of the days. These relate to festivals, and you can press them to launch that festival's mini-game whenever the mood strikes you. So, if farming, combat, exploring, taming, and catching wanted monsters isn’t enough action for you, try mixing it up with some mini-games.

2/9 Crystal Flowers

So if you thought Rune Factory 5’s invisible items stopped at chests and tree seeds, unfortunately, you were mistaken. There are also several Crystal Flower seeds scattered around Rigbarth. These are very valuable items that are also needed for some fetch quests, so you are going to want to know where to find them.

There are Blue, Green, White, and Red Crystal Flowers hidden throughout Rune Factory 5. Like the other invisible items, they are only able to be found with high enough SEED skills or a trained monster.

1/9 Predicting Star Shower Day

Star Showers in Rune Factory 5 are not only beautiful, but incredibly profitable. Sadly, they are also extremely rare. If you witness a Star Shower, you will be able to harvest Star Seeds the next day if your hammer is of a high enough quality. This is one of the most exciting events to occur in Rune Factory 5, but unfortunately, they are impossible to predict.

There is a trick you can use, however, to discover when the next Star Shower will be, so you can make sure you are geared up and ready for the event. Save your game in a separate file, then sleep until you reach a Star Shower event. Once you see the event happening, take note of the day and reload your original save file. Now you know exactly when the next Star Shower will happen.

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