10 Times We Thought The Game Was Over, But It Just Kept Going

Video games can be massive undertakings. While some will only take an hour or two away from skilled players, some can take hundreds of hours to make your way through. With how many hours are available to tell a story, no one should be surprised when developers throw a few surprises into the mix.

Some games center around a single conflict, and all of the events will push you toward its conclusion. Sometimes, that conclusion is a bit of a fake-out and the game somehow finds a way to keep going. Whether it’s a mystery title or an adventure game, no genre is a stranger to fooling gamers into believing the story is finishing up, only for there to be another few hours to experience.

10 Persona 4 – Investigation Complete?

Anyone who’s already played through Persona 4 knows that there are actually quite a few moments where it seems like the game is finally wrapping up. The first time the game seems like it’s headed toward its ultimate conclusion, there are still roughly twenty to forty hours to go, depending on your playstyle.

For those that don’t know, much of the game revolves around a sort of murder mystery, something you and your friends will be tasked with solving. The game is filled with twists and turns that even the biggest fans of the mystery genre may not expect.

9 Donkey Kong Country – King K. Rool Isn’t Done

It was pretty rare for older games to pull the rug from underneath you in regards to their endings. Games were much shorter in general as system limitations made longer games a bit trickier to develop.

Donkey Kong Country managed to craft a unique game in a lot of ways, but one of the most unique ways was its fake-out ending. When you head into the final battle with King K. Rool, you’re likely ready for any tricks he may have, but you may not expect a fake credits roll before the fight eventually continues.

8 Pokemon Gold/Silver – Return To Kanto

It should be acknowledged that while the return to the Kanto region in Pokemon Gold and Silver is technically post-game content, it still does provide plenty of extra content to continue your playthrough with.

Once you’ve made you’re way through everything the Johto region has to offer and have become the Pokemon Champion, you can then return to the stomping grounds of the famed trainer, Red. Experiencing the original Gym Leader line-up with even tougher Pokemon is a blast that just about every Pokemon fan loved.

7 Spider-Man And Venom: Maximum Carnage – The End?

One of the best beat ‘em ups on the Super Nintendo comes in the form of Spider-Man And Venom: Maximum Carnage. It features an iconic storyline, plenty of surprising cameos, and a shocking amount of levels for a side-scrolling fighter.

You’ll be taking the fight to Carnage and his various goons throughout the many levels of the game, eventually leading to the ultimate battle. When it seems like everything is done for good, the credits roll, but that’s not truly the end. For one last time, you have to battle Carnage to stop him for good.

6 Super Smash Bros. Melee – Giga-Bowser

Throwing surprises into a series like Super Smash Bros. can’t be an easy task. It features tons of fighters, but the games are also relatively straightforward for the fighters. Super Smash Bros. Melee had quite the surprise for those who thought they’d conquered Adventure Mode.

So long as you aren’t playing on the easier difficulties, you’ll be met with Giga-Bowser after you finally take down Bowser. He’s way bigger, takes way more damage to even slightly launch, and packs one big punch if he manages to get his hands on you.

5 Metal Gear Solid 5 – Only The First Part

Absolutely no one could be blamed for thinking Metal Gear Solid 5 was coming to a close as the end of the game was everything you would expect for the endgame of just about any big-budget title.

Everyone should experience the story free from spoilers, but once you take on your enemy once and for all, the game reveals that this was only the first chapter of the story and that there is still plenty more. The amount of content that follows the “end of the game” is astounding, and just how much important story is continued to be told is something only a Metal Gear game could pull off.

4 Batman: Arkham Knight – The Game Ends, But Not Really

One of the most infamous moments in modern gaming is the ending of Batman: Arkham Knight, or rather, the lack of ending. Completionists probably had no issue with the true ending of the game being locked behind what is more or less total completion of the game, but the average player really did.

You can get to the end and even experience an ending to the game, but the issue is that it’s not the true series of events. If you’ve neglected the Riddler Trophies throughout the game, you may be in for hours of puzzle-solving in order to experience the real ending of the game.

3 Final Fantasy 6 – Kefka Wins

Before the Super Nintendo, games were much shorter experiences. While there were a few games here and there that still took many hours to play through, most games relied on brutal difficulty and replayability to keep you coming back.

That changed when Final Fantasy 6 made its way to home consoles. There had been plenty of bait-and-switches in the series before, but Final Fantasy 6 may have the most shocking twist. You head into what seems like the final battle, only to ultimately lose, dooming the world to failure, something you then have to go on to avenge and fix.

2 Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night – The Inverted Castle

One of the most beloved games from the Castlevania series is Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night. The sprawling game told a fun story that was pretty much entirely set within Dracula’s castle.

A lot of players may not have even experienced the fact that the game can almost double in length if you follow the right steps. Rather than going into a fake final battle, the entire castle will invert and you’ll have to make your way through it once again. It’s a fun surprise that added a ton of value to an already wonderful game.

1 The Mario Series – Princess Is In Another Castle

One of the most famous teases in video game history comes from the Mario series. Pretty much every Mario fan remembers experiencing the fact that the Princess was in another castle at some point in their lives.

It’s such a simple twist that creates excitement and wonder. You’d already made your way through one world, what challenges could a whole new world offer? Made even better, this twist originated at a time when many players likely thought the game was over when they beat the first castle of the original Super Mario.

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