343 Reconfirms that Halo Infinite Will Be Heading To Xbox One

Just a few days ago, some rumors began circulating online that 343 Industries was considering dropping Xbox One support for Halo Infinite, the upcoming sequel to Microsoft’s premier shooter franchise. With the game pushed into 2021 after the reception to its recent trailer was mixed, it did make sense that Microsoft possibly wanted to hold the game back and develop it exclusively for Xbox Series X. What better way to show off the power of your new device than with a hotly anticipated game?

Well, wherever the rumors came from, they’ve now been proven false. On Twitter today, 343 community manager John Junyszek responded to Halo esports player snip3down after they questioned whether the game was leaving the current generation behind. While not technically a 100% confirmation, it does state that 343 currently has no intention of delaying the game any further.

When you stop for a second and think about it, this does make sense. Microsoft has stated numerous times that it wants to continue supporting the original Xbox One for at least a few more years. While pushing Infinite into 2022 would put it beyond the stated timeframe, it would also go back on promises that the company has made regarding the title.

There is nothing stopping another delay from moving the game beyond the Xbox One, but that doesn’t seem likely. The trailer may have been lacking in visual fidelity, but it ran smooth enough and contained everything that makes that Halo series distinct. I’m skeptical of the change to an open-world, but that’s more of a personal preference rather than a technical barrier. The original Xbox One is hardly keeping the game from fulfilling its potential.

People are likely confusing their own desires with reality here. Many want the Xbox Series X to launch with a smash hit and the Halo series was primed to be that. With almost nothing major coming from Microsoft this fall, it could be setting itself up for semi-failure as it did with the Xbox One back in 2013. Sony has a more eye-catching line-up, though even that company is struggling with convincing gamers to upgrade.

Whatever does happen, you won’t need to count out your Xbox One just yet.

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