7 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of The Callisto Protocol

Exploring space is all fun and games until someone tries fusing alien DNA with humans. The Callisto Protocol is a survival horror adventure that follows pilot Jacob Lee, who quickly becomes one of the new inmates at Black Iron prison on the planet Callisto. But immediately after his arrest, the prison is overrun by horrific monsters, and Jacob finds himself fighting for his life.

While trying to find a way off Callisto, Jacob uncovers a dark mystery surrounding the prison, the Warden’s true intentions behind the facility, and the incident that happened on Europa. Even after the credits rolled on the game, there were still numerous questions that remained unanswered. We break down all the lingering questions we still have after the end of The Callisto Protocol.

The following post contains possible spoilers for The Callisto Protocol. Do not continue reading until you have finished the game.

7/7 What Happened To Warden Norton?

Throughout the game, you’ll find audio recordings that will flesh out more of the game’s plot. Finding and listening to the recordings isn’t required to understand the majority of what’s happening at Black Iron prison, but they’ll help fill in any gaping holes. For instance, Captain Leon Ferris stated he preferred the old warden because she was “by the book.”

What exactly happened to Warden Norton? It seems the experiments with the alien lifeforms started when Warden Cole took over the facility, so was Norton ousted by the Circle so Cole could push their agenda? Ferris implied Norton didn’t do any shady stuff while she was in charge, so her removal must have been at the hands of the Circle. But where is Norton now?

6/7 Who Was The Gang Leader?

After freeing Elias from his cell, Jacob searches for a way to access the hanger to escape from the prison. During his exploration of the prison, Jacob stumbles into an area where multiple guards were hung from the rafters, and blood was everywhere. Up until this point, every guard you’ve found has been either infected or ripped apart on the ground. So why were these guards strung up?

The guard’s audio recording revealed that they were attacked by some sort of gang, and when they tried pleading for their lives, the Gang Leader said they were “just having fun.” Were these inmates banded together during the chaos or were they intelligent infected? Jacob never encounters any sort of gang throughout the game, so, oddly, this one area had an execution-style massacre compared to the other parts of the prison.

5/7 Why Did Dani Take Off Her Mask On Europa?

At the beginning of The Callisto Protocol, we witness Dani Nakamura exploring the destruction of Europa but the scene ends when an infected person tries to attack her. Later in the game, it’s revealed that people can download others’ memories via the devices implanted in the back of their necks. When Dani becomes infected and is receiving help from Doctor Mahler, Jacob connects with her to see why exactly she was on his ship in the first place.

Jacob finds himself on Europa and is walking around the infested city, seeing everything through the point of view of Dani. Dani explained previously how downloading people’s memories will feel like you are the other person as well, so why does Jacob start to observe Dani’s memory as a third party? He envisions Max in the memory and then watches Dani rip off her mask, but wouldn’t that expose her to the pathogen? And if it’s not airborne, why was she wearing the mask in the first place?

4/7 Why Did Warden Cole Believe Humans Can’t Exist In Space?

Jacob finally encounters Warden Cole in the tower, and Cole begins his villain monologue about why everyone is transforming into monsters. After discovering an alien lifeform in the original colony on Callisto, Arcas, scientists began experimenting to merge the alien DNA with humans to achieve the next phase of evolution. Black Iron prison was built on top of Arcas to cover up using inmates as test subjects.

Cole’s main reason behind doing this is because he believes humans can’t exist in space in our current form. But aren’t humans already existing in space? Humanity has established colonies on other worlds like Europa and has engineered interstellar travel, so what does Cole mean by not being able to exist?

3/7 What Was The Cube?

Throughout the game, a mysterious colored cube appears on the ground that might only be an illusion for specific people. Dani sees it at one point, as well as Jacob during Dani’s memory. Nobody ever touches or picks up the cube, so what exactly is it?

Neither Warden Cole nor Doctor Mahler ever mention anything related to the cube, so it could be a hallucination as a person is becoming infected by the virus. Dani saw the cube after she became infected, and Jacob saw it in Dani’s memories when Europa was all but destroyed. What was the point of the cube?

2/7 What Is The Circle?

Warden Cole wasn’t alone in his venture toward evolving the human race. There were other individuals hidden behind gold masks, and Cole was discussing their plans. Cole tells Jacob that he and the others are part of an organization called the Circle, and they’ve been influencing the human race for quite some time.

While nobody else in the Circle was revealed, it’s easy to assume these must be high-ranking people. Cole must have had some protection to conduct experiments in his prison, while also imprisoning people for no reason like Jacob, and be responsible for the massacre on Europa. But with Cole escaping and renewing his desire to continue pushing forward, the Circle’s mysterious presence remains a danger in the future.

1/7 How Is Jacob Still Alive?

After taking down the superinfected Captain Ferris, Jacob succeeds in curing Dani and thrawting Warden Cole’s plans. However, Cole isn’t ready to let the pair escape so easily and initiates a self-destruct sequence. Jacob and Dani run up the tower but find only one escape pod. Because he was responsible for delivering the virus to Europa, Jacob stays behind to essentially die in Black Iron prison.

As Dani flies off into space, you can briefly see a wave of infected heading toward Jacob and then multiple explosions around the entire prison. We assume Jacob is dead, but after the credits, we see Jacob again. He's covered in blood but still breathing. Doctor Mahler tells Jacob there might still be a way out, then the infected yells in Jacob’s face. How did Jacob survive the wave of infection and the explosions? Wouldn’t a self-destruct sequence destroy the facility?

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