8 Best Beastmasters In Gaming

Beastmasters are people that command creatures, whether it be their own tames, or animals summoned from the wild. Usually, the beastmaster has one main 'pet' that they keep by their side. There are tons of beastmasters in video games, with some of them being a bit cooler than others.

Here, we are going to talk about some of the best beastmasters in video games. This will be based on how unique the character is, as well as how recognizable they are. Like other lists that compile characters from several games, we will not be mentioning any spoilers here.

8 H'aanit (Octopath Traveler)

First up, we have H’aanit from Octopath Traveler. This playable character begins her life in the village of S’warkii with her snow leopard, Linde. H’aanit has the ability to command Linde while attacking, but she can also capture new creatures.

After capturing a weakened creature while in battle, H’aanit can later summon the creature to attack future enemies. These attacks can be incredibly strong, making H’aanit a worthy beastmaster. Combined with her incredibly proper way of speaking, H’aanit makes an impressive first entry on our list.

7 Alloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)

Aloy’s first appearance was in Horizon Zero Dawn, where she served as the main protagonist in this post-apocalyptic world. Since then, we’ve seen Aloy in a sequel game, Monster Hunter: World, Fortnight, and Genshin Impact.

Rather than taming living creatures, Aloy can take down the large machines that appear in the world, as well as ride them as a form of transportation. These machines aren’t technically animals, but they are advanced robots, making Aloy a robot-beastmaster. This is definitely unique, earning her a place on our list.

6 Riju (Breath Of The Wild)

Riju is the tiny Chief of the Gerudo in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While she is quite small, she has a lot of power. In addition to being able to wield the Thunder Helm, Riju is a talented Sand Seal rider. In fact, he’s a bit of a Sand Seal fanatic; if you head into her bedroom, you can find Sand Seal toys and stuffed animals.

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Riju utilizes her Sand Seal riding skills in several attacks, as well as a way to quickly move around the map. Overall, a tiny Gerudo girl on a large seal is impressive.

5 Rexxar (World of Warcraft)

Rexxar from World of Warcraft, known as the Champion of the Horde, is a beastmaster that has several creatures to fight by his side. Just by looking at Rexxar, you would think that he is a powerful beastmaster. Interestingly, Rexxar comes from the Mok’nathal Clan, which is full of beastmasters.

Usually, you can find Rexxar accompanied by his bear, Misha. When in need, he will also summon creatures such as a wolf, hawk, boar, and wyvern. Rexxar is no ordinary beastmaster though; he is often at the forefront of the main story, showing off his beastmaster prowess.

4 Pokemon Trainer (Pokemon Series)

While not technically a character, the Pokemon Trainer is a powerful beastmaster. This is the main trainer in each Pokemon game, which is you! As a trainer, you can capture and attack with creatures, which is a trademark skill of beastmasters. Pokemon Trainers are usually described as beastmasters, but they are one of the strongest on our list.

As a Pokemon Trainer, you can capture hundreds of different creature, or Pokemon, and form powerful teams to take down other strong trainers in the world. You even have the ability to capture legendary Pokemon, which is no small feat.

3 Haar (Fire Emblem Series)

Perhaps one of the most dangerous beastmasters on our list is Haar. This is a dracoknight from the Fire Emblem series, capable of taming dragons. While we see dragons and wyverns in video games quite often, we don’t see many people with the ability to train them.

Artwork of Haar often depicts him sitting atop a dragon, however, there doesn’t seem to be any tension. While his personality main seem simple and sleepy, he is a great Wyvern Lord capable of taming even the most dangerous creatures.

2 Eir Stegalkin (Guild Wars 2)

Eir Stegalkin is a central figure in Guild Wars 2. As a member of Destiny’s Edge, Eir accompanies the Pact Commander (you!) through the base game story. Eir is always together with Garm, her dire wolf. Together, the two can take down enemies that stand in her way.

Unlike other beastmasters on our list, Eir can also turn into a creature. In the world of Guild Wars 2, those of the Norn race have a totem animal. Eir’s totem is the Wolf, which allows her to transform into this creature.

1 Lann And Reynn (World Of Final Fantasy)

Lastly, we have Lann and Reynn from World of Final Fantasy. Although this is technically two characters, they are twins that do pretty much the same thing. World of Final Fantasy is a bit different than other games in the series; in the game, you can capture and tame creatures called Mirages, much like how you capture creatures in Pokemon.

Unlike Pokemon though, you can stack these Mirages on your head. While this looks quite adorable, it also serves as an important mechanic in the game. With a stack on your head, you become ‘one’, and gain the resistances and weaknesses of the Mirages stacked on top of you.

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