8 Games To Play If You Like Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition

Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition is an exciting indie game that hits all the right notes. From incredible pixel art with a futuristic vibe to an epic soundtrack to challenging platforming gameplay, the game is immersive and fun. Plus, its post-apocalyptic storyline of a girl trying to find her sister is compelling and relatable.

If you love Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition and are seeking out the perfect game to pick up after completing it, you’re in luck. There are a few games out there with similar elements, whether you’re looking for another female-led indie action game or another platformer that pits you against robots.

8/8 Celeste

While set in the modern world rather than the robot apocalypse, Celeste is, like Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, an indie action game starring a female protagonist. Furthermore, Celeste also contains difficult platforming gameplay, giving it a similar style and feel to Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition.

Celeste has an incredible storyline that alone makes it worth playing through. The plot follows Madeline’s mental health journey as she scales a mountain and struggles against her personal demon. Its pixel art and gorgeous music are both incredible as well.

7/8 Eastward

Another outstanding indie game with a female hero and wonderful pixel art like Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition is Eastward. While the game isn’t a platformer, it does take place in a world on the brink of descending into an apocalypse, though in Eastward’s world, the end is coming through disease rather than robot invasion.

As an action RPG, Eastward contains plenty of combat and an expansive world to explore. The story is compelling and the NPCs are humorous. If you’re looking for another story-driven game with a dystopian feel to it, Eastward is the way to go.

6/8 Live A Live

Though Live A Live is a traditional JRPG with turn-base combat rather than a platformer like Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, both games do have some overlap. Live A Live’s remake has incredible pixel art, making it a visual masterpiece, much like Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition’s own art style.

Live A Live also features protagonists and storylines that span different eras across history, including Near Future and Distant Future chapters that more closely align with Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition’s setting. In those chapters, you encounter robot protagonists and enemies. Live A Live’s campaign also takes much longer than Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition’s, so it’s an ideal choice if you’re looking for a lengthier game to pick up.

5/8 Mega Man Legacy Collection

If you want another futuristic game involving robots, look no further than the Mega Man series. In particular, the Mega Man Legacy Collection may be worth checking out, as it contains several of the original titles in the series in a remastered 8-bit style.

Like Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, the Mega Man games are platformers and pit you against mechanical bosses. The Mega Man games are also shooters, adding a different layer of combat and gameplay than Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition uses. From the genre to the setting, there are many similarities between both games, ensuring fans of one will also enjoy the other.

4/8 Technobabylon

Technobabylon and Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition are completely different genres of game, yet both take place in a post-apocalyptic world run by technology. If you are in need of a slower-paced game after playing Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, Technobabylon is the game for you.

This point-and-click indie game takes you through a cyberpunk mystery, requiring you to solve puzzles to uncover the dangerous truth about the AI that rules the city. You play as three different characters over the course of the story, and like Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, it also has a neat, futuristic art style that adds to the immersion of the game.

3/8 Stray

If you're a fan of Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, you'll enjoy Stray for its similar setting: an immersive post-apocalyptic world. Like Technobabylon, Stray moves at a slower pace through an intriguing mystery, making it another good option if you’re looking for a less action-packed game set in the distant future.

As in Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, Stray’s world does have the presence of robots, but in this case, the main drone in the game is friendly. Stray is also unique because you play as a realistic cat wandering through a desolate city. It’s definitely another indie game to check out if you’re a fan of the dystopian genre.

2/8 Hollow Knight

The main commonality between Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition and Hollow Knight is the gameplay genre. Both games are platformers, and Hollow Knight in particular is famous for its challenging Metroidvania style. If you’re looking for another platformer to master, you’ll spend many hours on Hollow Knight.

Beyond the gameplay, Hollow Knight also features a kingdom plagued by ruin and disaster, giving it a distinct yet related setting to Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition’s dystopian world. Hollow Knight’s art and soundtrack is also outstanding, adding to the game’s immersion factor.

1/8 Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

While neither an indie game or platformer, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition does have some shared features to Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition that make it a great choice for your next game. In the first Xenoblade Chronicles game, the conflict revolves around the Mechon, robotic enemies set on wiping you out.

The character dynamics of the game are fantastic. In particular, the story features some family dynamics that add weight to the plot, much like Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, which is driven by Asta’s search for her sister.

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