9 Best Cows In Video Games

Cows are a staple in farming games where they act much like their real-world counterparts, allowing you to care for them and raise them alongside other animals. However, cows don’t just appear in farming simulator games, as developers have used their cute appearance in other titles to create lovable characters.

Whether rearing cows on a farm or using them in Pokemon battles, these cattle have had lots of uses in video games and they make great companions too. When it comes to virtual cows, you can never go wrong thanks to their adorable look and your a-moosing interactions with them.

9 Life Simoolator: Sims Cow (The Sims)

First appearing in The Sims 2 for Nintendo DS, cows could be milked or even tipped over to create a milkshake instead of the usual glass of milk. The design of The Sims cow is highly realistic and true to life, rather than stylized, yet no less adorable.

In The Sims 4: Cottage Living, cows can be bought and milked for a variety of milk flavors, from strawberry and chocolate milk to rainbow and pumpkin spice milk. You can even dress these cows up in an assortment of clothing options, allowing you to bond with your bovine friends even more.

8 A Fungi: Minecraft Cow (Minecraft)

Minecraft and its various mobs have become infamous in the gaming sphere, thanks to their multiple uses in the game and distinct, blocky designs. One such mob is the cow, harmless animals that spawn in grassy biomes, most often in herds.

Minecraft’s graphical style lends itself well to generating an adorable cow design, as the square and block-like graphics of the Minecraft cow make it stand apart from other video game cattle. A variant of the cow mob, the Mooshroom ups the cuteness factor by adding mushrooms to the animal's design.

7 A Beastly Twist: Buffamoo (Rune Factory)

The Rune Factory series brings together the best of RPGs and life-simulator games, allowing you to tend to your farm and go on action-filled adventures. Rather than raising normal animals on your farm, you adopt monster-like beasts – some who look similar to their real-world counterparts.

Buffamoo is Rune Factory’s answer to a cow, with an almost demon-like design thanks to its white and pupil-less eyes. Rune Factory 5’s Buffamoo ups the cute factor though – in this entry, the design resembles an adorable mix of cow and lion, but its name suggests that it's part cow, part buffalo.

6 Starring Role: Stardew Valley Cow (Stardew Valley)

A farming life simulator inspired by the early Harvest Moon games, Stardew Valley uses all the components of those titles while building on the classic formula to create a fun gaming experience you’ll come back to again and again.

The farming lifestyle wouldn’t be complete without a cow or two to raise and Stardew Valley allows you to rear cows to your heart’s content. After purchasing a barn for your farm, you can buy cows and sell their milk for a profit. These cows are as cute as they are useful, coming in two different colors.

5 Feeling Blue: Blue Cow (EarthBound)

Nestled in Peaceful Rest Valley is a town that may first appear jovial on the outside, but it is actually home to a sinister cult, where the residents practice the religion known as Happy Happyism. One of the rules of this cult is to worship the color blue, which the townsfolk takes seriously, painting different objects blue, including a cow.

This blue cow is one of the lighter moments of this section of the game because you can initiate a conversation with it, as it surprisingly has the ability to speak. This blue cow has also been taken in by the cult of Happy Happyism as it remarks that Mr. Carpainter’s speeches always “mooove” it.

4 One Snooty Bovine: Tipper (Animal Crossing)

There are eight different cow villagers in the Animal Crossing series, each with their own charming designs and personality quirks. Introduced in Wild World, Tipper features an adorable and classic cow design that goes perfectly with her name and catchphrase which are both puns on cow tipping.

Despite this, you don’t want to mess with this snooty cow, as her personality type means that she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and tell you what she really thinks of you. Tipper is the perfect cow to invite to your town or island, especially if you’re going for a farmcore aesthetic.

3 Lon Lon Ranch’s Finest: Zelda Cow (The Legend Of Zelda)

While farming isn’t exactly a priority for Link, cows often appear in the Zelda series, most famously at Lon Lon Ranch and Romani Ranch. These cows are usually seen grazing, oblivious to Link’s perilous journey.

However, cows also pop up where you might not expect to see them. In Ocarina of Time, cows can be found in a variety of holes across Hyrule as well as in Jabu-Jabu’s belly in Master Quest. Link can even win a cow of his own if you beat Malon’s record on the Obstacle Course.

2 Not That Mooove Again: Miltank (Pokemon)

The Normal-type Pokemon Miltank is most well known in the Pokemon universe for its infamous milk, which has been drunk by humans and Pokemon since ancient times, according to its Pokedex entry in Pokemon Sword. It’s said that by drinking its milk, you will grow big and strong.

One particular Miltank has become infamous – Whitney’s Miltank – thanks to its excessive use of the move Rollout, which can easily wipe out your team if your Pokemon are slower. If that wasn’t enough, it can also use Milk Drink to heal as soon as it’s done using the previous move. Despite its frustrating battle strategy, Miltank’s pink design makes it a great member for your team if you’re a cow lover.

1 My Milkshake Brings All The Cows To The Yard: Cow (Story of Seasons)

The Story of Seasons games, previously known as Harvest Moon, allow you to live out your farmer dreams, as you tend the land and raise livestock while building your relationships with the townspeople. While newer entries in the series have introduced lots of new animals, one mainstay is the adorable cow.

The cow design has developed a lot since the series’ pixel art beginnings, from the low poly cows of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life to the large and round cattle of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. In later entries, you can also pick from a selection of cow breeds, including ones that can produce strawberry, chocolate, and fruit milk.

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