9 Things You Didn’t Notice In Death Stranding 2’s Reveal

Death Stranding 2 was unveiled at The Game Awards, with an extremely cryptic trailer like the ones we have come to expect from Hideo Kojima. The trailer reveals the return of Léa Seydoux as Fragile, as well as Norman Reedus as Sam Porter Bridges.

Death Stranding was originally released in 2019 exclusively on PlayStation 4. The sequel will seemingly also remain a PlayStation exclusive, launching only on PlayStation 5 at launch. With the trailer revealed, fans are looking for hidden details to give more insight into the sequel. Here are the top things you might have missed in the action-packed teaser trailer for Death Stranding 2.

9/9 The Hand Prints Return

Right in the first few frames of the trailer, we see a height chart from an angle. Here, the signature handprints found in the first game are present once again. These most likely are Louise's, considering they are in the same room she and Fragile were in.

Something you might not have caught watching the trailer was the placement of the handprints right next to the 2-foot march. This is not a coincidence, but a nod at Death Stranding 2.

8/9 The Baby's Bib Has The Name Louise On It

If you look closely at the bib on the baby, you will see the name "Louise" printed on it. This is a really hard detail to catch, considering it is only visible for a few frames, but a significant one since it helps you understand the situation we see unfold.

Louise is Sam's BB in Death Stranding, the one that Sam carries around for the whole game. At the very end of the game, he names her Louise. This means that the baby we saw in the trailer is the same baby from the first game, except now older.

7/9 Sam's Dream Catcher Spotted

Sam's dream catcher that he carried around in Death Stranding was shown for a split second in the Death Stranding 2 trailer. It is found in the room that Fragile was taking care of Louise in.

This is the dream catcher that was given to him by Amelie as a young boy on the beach. He hangs it on the back of his cargo holder for the majority of the game, which is supposed to protect him.

6/9 Sam's BB Pod Is Now An Aquarium

As the lights start to flicker in the trailer, we see a glimpse of a BB Pod. This BB Pod is the original one that Sam carried around with him for the entirety of the first game.

The pod is now an aquarium, set in the corner of the room where Fragile was taking care of Louise in. Some cryptobiotes are living inside the pod now, alongside what looks to be some coral.

5/9 The Logo Kojima Tweeted Is On The Ship

One of the logos that regularly appeared in Kojima's cryptic teases is actually on the giant ship that appears in front of Sam and Fragile. It has the words DHV Magellan above it, which is probably the name of the giant ship.

Most likely, this is a reference to Ferdinand Magellan. Ferdinand was the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean. If this is anything to go by, this could mean that Death Stranding 2 will take place beyond America.

4/9 The Masked Person Has Amelie's Necklace And Features

At the very end of the trailer, we see a robotic person with a guitar. Upon further inspection, you will be able to notice that this person has Amelie's signature necklace that she wore throughout Death Stranding.

In addition, this person also has hair and facial features that look remarkably similar to Amelie. Could this be someone using Amelie's body to accomplish their agenda?

3/9 The Evil BB Is In Sam's BB Pod

Just before the title reveals, there is a cut to a BB pod lying on the ground busted open. You see a BB appear out of thin air with a seemingly evil aura to it.

This pod that it appears in is the same one that Sam used in Death Stranding. It was turned into an aquarium; however, after the infiltration, the pod was knocked over and busted open. This BB seems to be related to Troy Baker's Higgs, who speaks to BB, stating "don't worry," later in the trailer.

2/9 The Ship Has A Pilot

Unlike a lot of things in the world of Death Stranding, it seems that this massive vehicle actually has a pilot. The technology in the world of Death Stranding was extremely advanced. For example, you could hire an automated delivery bot to deliver cargo for you.

This is a detail that can easily be missed, especially because you really have to zoom in to see it. It is too far away to determine if this is a character we have already met or not, but we most likely will not have to wait too long to find out.

1/9 Troy Baker Sings BB's Theme

Troy Baker was the singer in this rendition of BB's Theme. This alone has plenty of implications, but the biggest one is that Higgs must still be alive somewhere in this world.

At the end of the trailer, the masked person appears to be singing. This most likely is Troy Baker's character, but it sure is interesting that they appear to have Amelie's facial shape and necklace.

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