Abzu: How To Get The White Diving Suit

After you’ve completed the main storyline and the adventure is over, what else is there to do in a videogame? Sure, you could replay your favorite segments or lookout for hidden areas in the map, but by far, the most popular thing to do is find collectibles to unlock one-of-a-kind items.

If you’re playing Abzu and are looking for something to challenge yourself with, go ahead and find every collectible hidden in the game. There are three types: Secret Shells, Meditation Statues, and Hidden Pools.

Finding all the shark-like meditation statues will unlock the Zen Master trophy/achievement, while finding all the Hidden Pools will unlock the Ecosystem trophy/achievement.

However, if you want something more than just the bragging rights of unlocking a virtual trophy, then focus on finding all the secret shells as they will lead you to the hidden White Diving Suit.

Why Unlock The White Diving Suit?

While finding the suit will take some effort on your part, it’ll be totally worth it in the end. Apart from changing your character’s appearance, once you’ve equipped the White Diving Suit, you’ll have more potent speed boosts.

Also, the suit looks really cool with its white details and the decorative shell on the back.

How To Unlock The White Diving Suit

To unlock this suit and its ability, all you have to do is find and collect the 19 secret shells that are scattered all over Abzu’s ocean. As a bonus, doing so will also unlock the Collector Trophy.

During some parts of the game, you’ll find a door that leads you to another room with a giant mural in it. If you pay attention, this mural has slots for the shells you collect, and it’s an excellent way to keep track of which shells you’ve collected so far and in which chapter shells are waiting to be discovered.

Moving on, once you’ve got all the 19 shells, simply find one of these doors again, and this time you’ll be able to interact with the mural, do it, and the White Diving Suit will be yours.

The Locations Of The Secret Shells

Out of all the collectibles in the game, the Secret Shells are the trickiest to find. Don’t worry, though; it may be hard to spot them, but it isn’t impossible.

Keep in mind that there are three shells in each chapter (but not in the fifth one since there are no collectibles in that chapter) and an extra shell in the credits scene.

Here’s where you’ll find them:

Shells In The Kelp Forest (Chapter 1)

  • Shell #1: This shell will be under the arch that’s just a few steps behind the first meditation statue you encounter in the game.

  • Shell #2: After the encounter with the Great White, you’ll pass through a cave entrance, head inside, and keep swimming until the area turns from green to blue. Stick to the lower left side of the cave, and you’ll find the shell you’re looking for on the floor.

  • Shell #3: when you reach the big open water area with huge towers made of rocks, swim toward the one that has an o-shaped hole in the center. You’ll find the shell on the seafloor, nearby the rocky tower base.

Shells In The Jetstream (Chapter 2)

  • Shell #4: In the area, you’ll encounter after the first jetstream, swim towards the surface until you see the top of the pillar on the right; the shell will be on top of that.

  • Shell #5: This one is very easy to miss since it’s located in the second jetstream. Ride the current as usual until you see an area where the ceiling has holes in it. Stay on your left, and the shell will be waiting for you on one of the edges.

  • Shell #6: This one will be in the large open area where you’ll see the school of fish. Just swim down to the ocean floor, pass the meditation statue and follow the pillar all the way down. The shell will be just a few steps away from the pillar in the middle of a rock formation.

Shells In The Forest Ruins (Chapter 3)

  • Shell #7: In the golden area, swim towards the upper left side until you see a water well, head inside, and the shell will be at the bottom.

  • Shell #8: After you’ve cleared that golden area, keep swimming until you reach another one of the meditation statues (this one has the Great White circling it). Wait until the shark swims away and heads over the yellow seaweeds on the right; the shell will be just behind the seaweeds.

  • Shell #9: This one will be at the Ancient Ruin area; just swim towards the gate that opens after restoring the coral spire, the shell will be behind a wall that is above the gate.

Shells In The Deep (Chapter 4)

  • Shell #10: This one will be in the dark area where the Pyramids are. Swim upwards until you see a huge blue whale skeleton; the shell will be inside it.

  • Shell #11: After helping out the Great White Shark, just swim forward, and you’ll see the shell on the right side of the screen.

  • Shell #12: In the huge open area with the long towers/sticks, swim towards the bottom of the ocean. The shell will be in the way down on the top of a cliff.

Shells In Atlantis (Chapter 6)

  • Shell #13: Once inside the underwater city, swim towards the surface and jump over to the platform that has some stairs on it. Walk up the stairs, and the shell will be right in front of you.

  • Shell #14: In that same area where you found the last shell, locate the waterfall and climb up out of the water and walk behind the waterfall. The shell will be under the green stuff.

  • Shell #15: After opening the gates and riding the current in that chapter, you’ll get to a new area. Swim to the surface and swim towards the gazebo; the shell will be in the middle of the area.

Shells In Atlantis (Chapter 7)

  • Shell #16: In the area where you’re swimming with the Great White Shark, swim towards the surface, and you’ll see the shell resting on a ledge that’s over the water.

  • Shell #17: This one will be in the Blue Whales area. Once there, look to your right; the shell will be out of the water, resting on a small piece of land.

  • Shell #18: This shell will be in the secret polar area that you can access from where the Blue Whales are. Just swim to the left until you see a chunk of ice floating. Jump on it, and you’ll find the shell.

Shell In The Credits

After you beat Abzu, you’ll be chilling and swimming around; once you’re there in that ending screen, wait until it rotates to the right, where you’ll be able to see the last shell.

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