All World 3 Green Stars In Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World has more Green Stars than anybody can reasonably shake a stick at, which is why we’ve had to break our Green Star guides down world by world. Here in World 3 there are plenty of Green Stars to grab, especially with the Captain Toad level at the end. Follow this guide through for everything you need to find.

Oh, and make sure to browse our Green Star guides for World 1 and World 2 if you haven’t already!

3-1 Snowball Park

The first Green Star in this stage is in a hole in the wall – though you won’t be able to immediately see it thanks to the flying enemies that cover the hole. Defeat them to get through.

There will be a rabbit to chase on the left side of the stage further up ahead – keep an eye out for it, and chase it to grab yourself the star. This is found just before the stamp.

Just before the end of the stage where you find the green pipe, look for the Green Star up on the wall to the left. Climb trees to get up higher.

3-2 Chain-Link Charge

You’ll be able to see this first Green Star pretty early on. You might want to jump back and forth between these pesky platforms to grab it.

The second Green Star is located to the right of a warp block – as in, ignore the warp block. It’s floating on a cloud behind some chain-link fences. You can long jump over to it, and you’ll be better off getting it with Peach’s float, or the Super Leaf.

The third Green Star is atop a wooden wall – you’ll need Cat Mario to spin a cat switch before it is available for you.

3-3 Shifty Boo Mansion

If you’ve played Super Mario 64, you’ll know what paintings can hide behind them. Jump into the Boo painting near the beginning of the level to find a strange challenge room. Complete it for the Green Star.

Eventually you’ll get to a shifting library room. Stick to the left side and look for a gap between to the book shelves, and you’ll find a Green Star hidden away.

The bench near the end of the stage will lead you to a Green Star. Just jump on it and it’ll bring you to the floor above.

3-4 Pretty Plaza Panic

The first Green Star is behind where you start the stage.

The next Green Star is being held by another glowing rabbit – catch it on the large platform before the piranha plants.

The final Green Star is located inside a cloud cannon which is near the end of the level.

3-5 Pipeline Lagoon

The first Green Star in this underwater area is just above the water level before the first green pipe, so stay near the top of the screen.

There’s a cracked wall near the sunken ship – you’ll need to use a cannon block to blow away the wall and reveal a challenge room which contains a Green Star.

This Green Star is also above the water level, but near the end of the stage, above the green pipe that takes you to the flagpole.

3-6 Mount Must Dash

This stage will have you moving fast, but that’s no reason not to stop and look for Green Stars. The first Green Star is on the lower path, and is easy to spot and grab.

The next Green Star is down a green pipe, and inside is a glowing rabbit which is using speed panels to run fast. Catch up to it and grab it for a Green Star.

The final Green Star is at the end of a slide. Avoid the warp block at the bottom and climb the wall behind it instead – you’ll need Cat Mario for this one.

3-7 Switchboard Falls

The first Green Star here is hidden inside a pipe – to get to it you must jump onto a wooden platform you ride past when on the first switchboard.

The next Green Star is behind a waterfall – you’ll need to crouch while on the switchboard to make it behind.

After jumping over the rollers that threaten to knock you off near the end of the level, follow the switchboards to the top to find a Green Star hovering above oblivion.

Train: The Bullet Bill Express

As soon as you begin the level you’ll be able to find this Green Star on the train – though if you’re not fast it’ll drive away.

Once again, this Green Star is atop a stack of Goomba. Slap them away, or lead the bullet bills into them, to take them down and grab the star.

Captain Toad is right near the end of the stage on the other train. Use the pipe to get over there, and save Toad from a crate for a Green Star.

Magikoopa Blockade

There’s just one Green Star here, and you’ll earn it for defeating the Magikoopa within the time limit.

A Banquet With Hisstocrat

Hisstocrat is a pesky snake-like enemy that spouts up from below the earth, and if you want this Green Star, you will have to defeat it. It’s much easier as Cat Mario, as you can climb up the snake heads to reach the king, before stomping down on him.

You should only climb the snakes with plates on their heads – which makes for a good platform. With some tenacity and talent, you’ll be able to make short work of this boss

Captain Toad Makes A Splash

Here’s another Captain Toad stage! Let’s go through this one in order…

  • First you should head down into the water to grab the Green Star that is immediately visible.
  • After, head through the hole in the wall underwater and go through the clear pipe – use the second exit to grab the Green Star.
  • Go back through to the first clear pipe exit, and then use the bridge to go all the way around, and then onto the platform which has the Green Star on it underwater. After, use the clear pipe.
  • The clear pipe will take you to the top of the stage. Use the P switch to raise the water level, and you’ll be able to grab the Green Star on the plank that is raised with the water level.
  • Use the bridge once again, and you’ll be able to go around the level, and towards the final Green Star at the top. Phew!

That’s all of the Green Stars you’ll be able to find in World 3 of Super Mario 3D World, but there are plenty of worlds still to tackle!

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