All World 4 Green Stars In Super Mario 3D World

Yes we’re back at it once again with another complete Green Star guide to help you get the most out of Super Mario 3D World. In this guide we’ll be covering every single Green Star you can find in World 4 of Super Mario 3D World, and yes, there are plenty of them to be found.

There are five main stages with three Green Stars each, a Castle stage with another set of three, two enemy challenges, and a Mystery House with a bunch of them to grab. For information on how to get each and every one of them, just read below.

Make sure to grab all of the Green Stars from World 1, World 2, and World 3 with our respective guides.

4-1 Ant Trooper Hill

As soon as you exit the first save in this stage you will find the Green Star on a wall to the right of the narrow bridge covered with enemies. This will require Cat Mario.

The second Green Star can be found inside a warp pipe near the giant ants, and grabbing it is as simple as using the other ants as platforms.

The final Green Star will also require hopping on giant ants nearer to the end of the level. Just be patient before using big jumps. Playing as Peach will make this section much easier.

4-2 Piranha Creeper Creek

While in the underground area you will notice a warp block above the main path. Hop inside and then use the row of creeping piranha plants to jump along and grab the Green Star on the raised platform.

When hopping over the water, stop for a moment and instead dive inside. The Green Star is at the bottom. Don’t worry, Mario and pals can’t drown.

The final Green Star can be found outside, on the rotating wooden platforms. Jump through the star ring to activate the green coins, and then grab them all within the time limit for the final Green Star.

4-3 Beep Block Skyway

This first Green Star is in plain sight, before the first warp block. You just need to go slightly out of your way to grab at it.

It’s tempting to beeline for the goal, but before jumping down any slides look for warp pipes. One warp pipe will take you to a blue coin collection challenge – which will be much, much easier if you’ve managed to keep a bunch of Double Cherry clones.

Finally, after the very last slide of the level, there will be a switch which requires two players to activate – of course it also works if you have a Double Cherry clone remaining.

4-4 Big Bounce Byway

This stage is called “big bounce” for a reason. Beat the springy enemy and use the spring to jump up to the Green Star near the start of the stage.

There is another Green Star hidden up in the left corner of the stage. If you get to a bunch of para-biddybuds next to a long ? block and a single ? block above it, you’ve gone too far. Use springs to bounce up into the left corner, and use Cat Mario’s wall climbing abilities to jump onto two bounce pads where a Green Star is hidden. This is a tough one!

There will be a warp block just before a giant bounce pad – use it and defeat the enemies inside to get a Green Star.

4-5 Spike’s Lost City

Head to the right side of the stage to find a warp pipe, and hop inside to find a simple switch challenge, mildly complicated by those pesky spike-throwing, um, Spikes.

Before the rocking platform, um, platforming section, look for the rounded wall on the left. Climb up, and then use Cat Mario to climb to the very top of the wall. The Green Star is hidden all the way to the left.

The final Green Star is found on one of the rocking platforms. If you’re Peach, grabbing this Green Star with the float ability will make this much easier.

Castle: Lava Rock Lair

There is a pair of switches at the start of the level. Use an enemy to trigger one, Mario to trigger the other, and a bridge to the first Green Star will appear.

Look for a warp block on the right side of the main path, and once inside press down all three switches in a manner similar to the last Green Star.

You can also collect Green Star by throwing enemies – which is exactly what you’ll have to do for the last Green Star in this stage, which is on the left side of the stage, near the warp pipe which will take you to the boss.

Brolder Blockade

You should know how to beat Brolders by now. Defeat three quickly for a Green Star.

Fire Bros. Hideout

Another three Fire Bros. Take them down with haste for another Green Star. Easy.

Mystery House Mad Dash

There are ten (10!) Green Stars to be collected from this Mystery House, which seems like overkill to me, if I’m being honest, but I won’t question it. All of these challenges are hasty runs. You will have ten seconds to grab each Green Star through a variety of increasingly complex courses. Here are your tasks in order…

  • Run and jump on each jump pad to get to the Green Star.
  • Race to the end while avoiding enemies.
  • Run towards the camera, away from the Bullet Bill.
  • Run forward, avoiding all of the rolling spikes.
  • Just run across this thin bridge. You can easily clear the gaps as Peach and run straight forward.
  • Use the dash pad to run as fast as possible, and leap at the end to grab the star.
  • Use the swinging platforms and stay on the upper level. Use the coins as a jump guide.
  • Just run and jump straight past these Goombas.
  • Another thin bridge – but from an awkward angle, with Bullet Bills chasing you. Just take it slow.
  • And now for the final challenge: just be fast and jump from left to right to avoid falling with the donut blocks when the Spikes roll obstacles towards you. Again, Peach makes this much easier.

And that is all of the Green Stars in World 4 outlined! Another tough challenge completed.

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